Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer 07 Part 1

Here's Elizabeth Edwards speech. I'm going to upload it in almost its entirety. But I have to do it in parts. Part 1 is about why Elizabeth Edwards is at the convention and what blogging means to her. ...more

It's great to see these videos up at BlogHer!

Amy Sedaris Goofs on Bloggers

I interviewed Amy Sedaris at her book signing at BlogHer 07. She has some funny bits on bloggers, and bloghers, all in fun, of couse. Enjoy! ...more

After the Ching Chong comment...I refuse to hear anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach that I ...more

UPDATED VIDEO: Invite from Elizabeth Edwards: Ask your question, she'll answer here

UPDATE: Katy Chen, BlogHer's videoblogger for the 2007 conference, has uploaded most of Elizabeth Edwards' responses to the questions asked in Chicago on Saturday, July 28. Please see the bottom of this post for embedded links. You're invited to ask Elizabeth Edwards a question in the comments below. ...more

Hi Elizabeth,

I have a Master's in Public Administration and spent the last ten years working ...more

Lemonade Life-blogging

I have two posts up on my blog Lemonade Life about the BlogHer '07 conference. The first post from yesterday is about the life cycle of online communities and the second post is about the art of storytelling and the momosphere (all three sessions actually happened yesterday. I'm going to do a write-up later today about today's sessions, though so much happened today that I don't think I'll be able to get through all of it. Plenty of material for the rest of the week though! ...more

Elizabeth Edwards is live in Chicago and Second Life


> This is a great example of why it was important to come to
> SL and practiice, learn the ...more

Live blogging - my links

I'm having trouble pinging Technorati with my tags, so I'll go ahead and list my live blog posts. I covered three sessions during the two days of the conference. Here are the links: Professional Blogging - Ways and Means, Day two session State of the Momosphere, Day one session ...more

Got Trolls? Managing Comments on Your Blog

I'm at a panel discussion on community at Blogher and the issue of having a comment policy has come up. I did a bunch of research on this topic, so here's a summary: After reviewing a ton of blog policies, I discovered three basic types of comment policy: ...more

Blogher 07 Day 2: Book to Blog, and Back Again!

I'm live-blogging this session for the benefit of my mom-blog-writer friends who I KNO ...more

Liveblog:Blogging in Silenced Communities.

The moderator for this panel is Amira Al-Hussaini This panel began by observing a minute of silence for silenced women all over the world. Over the past couple of days we have been able to hear from many women - articulate, with much to say. There will be three questions, and then we'll open the floor. The first question is: "Who are you?" "Why do you feel you are being silenced?" "What are you doing to break the silence?" Let's make some noise! ...more

Editing Your Video For The Web

For those of you can't be here, I wanted to share with you the 'Editing Tips' we are using in the Videoblogging session today at 2pm. This is my own personal tips sheet, so you will likely not agree with everything I suggest, but it's a great starting point for you to use in your own experiments at great quality web video for teeny tiny file sizes. New to vlogging? Try freevlog (fabulous resource for newbies). ...more

Thanks for the useful post Robyn. Ironically, I missed your session because I am editing video ...more