Hoping for a BlogHer '14 miracle

Before I bought my ticket for BlogHer '14 I did some research into the cost of flights, and quickly discovered that it would be (in my books, at least) expensive. ...more
The Missing Niche That would have been nice, wouldn't it?! Still holding out hope for the lottery...more

Jama Masjid: A visual

 Jama Masjid, Delhi....more

BlogHer '14 Hotels: A Video Tour to Help You Pick Your Hotel!

Hi, I'm a dork. I'm SO excited that BlogHer '14 is coming back to the Bay Area, where it all began! I bought my pass right away when it was announced, and then they shared the hotels a couple of weeks later. Wait. HotelS? With an S? Yup. There are four official hotels for BlogHer '14! ...more
that was so awesome. thank you for doing this. i'm local too (sf resident, grew up in east bay) ...more

Nanci Jo Frazer Working from Home News

We all have been educated to go to school… and do what we are told so we can graduate. Then we should go to college… do what we are told so we can graduate. Then we should find a job and do what we are told so we can get paid. But what if there are no jobs? What if the three jobs you have mean you have no life, no family time and no promise of anything better? Then you may want to consider starting a home base business....more

Announcing the BlogHer '14 Call for Ideas!

At BlogHer PRO last month, we announced the location and opened ticket sales (capped at 2,500!) for the 10th Annual BlogHer Conference, coming back to San Jose, CA. Today, we're excited to discover what you want to contribute to BlogHer '14, what you hope to learn, and who you want to hear from -- the call for ideas is now open!...more
A "writer's camp" - set aside a conference room, make it cafe-comfy, sofas, comfy chairs, a ...more


Lately I’ve really been thinking about my social life. Yes, I get out a lot with Mason but a lot of the time it’s just talking to a kid, doing kid things. I’ve lost touch with the Tabitha that was always planning get togethers, not shy when around people. My family hasn’t planned a girls day in months. We hardly ever see any of my friends not even for playdates, so I’m not even getting that social interaction. And I miss it all!! I miss my friends and family… I see enough of my husband and Mason, lol just kidding ;)...more

Riding the High of my First Blogging Conference

I’m pretty new to the blogging world, but I have absolutely fallen in love with my blog and writing.  I love sitting at my computer to crank out a post as much as I love brainstorming about new ideas; and I *love* talking about my blog.  It’s a little obsessive, but it gives me a creative outlet in a (mostly) non-creative life.  It’s liberating.  And it gives me joy.I will not apologize for anything that brings me joy....more

Headed to my first BlogHer Conference

I have avoided blogging here for some time because I need one more social media outlet to keep up with like a I need a hole in my head.  But here I am.  I thought I should put up at least one post now that I have officially registered for #BlogHer2014.If anyone would like to offer some tips on how to make the most of a BlogHer conference, please do.  I'm not a new blogger but I am a conference n00b....more

Do you know the way to San Jose?

I remember the thrill and my immediate, all-encompassing delight when, at the end of BlogHer '12 in New York City, it was announced that BlogHer '13 would be held in Chicago. ...more

BlogHer '14

So, SO excited to have just registered for BlogHer '14 in San Jose!!!!www.em-i-lis.com...more