Conference Corner: Speaker Introductions at the Beginning of Each Panel

If you’ve ever attended a BlogHer event, attended a session online through our Virtual Conference feature, or read through a session transcript in our Live Blog section, you may have asked yourself: Why don’t speakers introduce themselves more thoroughly? I want to know more about their background, their expertise, where they blog, and why they’re on this panel!Truth be told, they don’t give a bio because BlogHer asks them not to. ...more
Love this strategy. Makes total sense. more

mothers2mothers - Eliminate Pediatric AIDS by 2015

Anne-Marie and Audrey van Petegem met Robin Smalley, Director and Co-Founder of mothers2mothers, at BlogHer 2011 in the Johnson&Johnson room. She shared stories of the women and the babies that mothers2mothers helps, the role that Johnson&Johnson plays in financially supporting global health issues and the bright future for women with HIV and their children. The energy, passion and dedication that Robin has towards these women and their babies is nothing short of being heroic....more

BlogHer Conference Update - - November 11, 2011

Happy Friday and for those who celebrate, happy Veterans Day.This is going to be a bunch of reminders this week :)BlogHer Writers -- watch all the session on-demand and view what you might have missed.  We have photos too!...more

Conference Corner: How to Become a Speaker at BlogHer Events

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently (as a part of the conference programming team) is this: “I want to speak at BlogHer. How can I make that happen?”I have a canned answer, which is: “The best way to become a speaker at BlogHer Events is to apply during our Call for Ideas; you can submit yourself as a speaker on a certain topic, or you can submit a full session proposal (including other panelists!), or anywhere in between.”...more
I wish I had known that that one time you run into someone you were hoping to see by accident is ...more

November fifth and beyond

The Agent Challenge

Got a manuscript or proposal? Take the challenge and find yourself a literary agent. ...more

Welcome the Holiday Season, BlogHer Style, in New York and San Francisco on December 8!

It's hard to believe I'm about to say "welcome to the holiday season," but yes it is true. Stores are doing it, television is doing it and now we too are doing it -- we're diving head first into the holiday season! Once again, we'll host two meet ups, one in San Francisco and one in New York, on December 8 so you have a month to get your blogging friends together to celebrate. ...more
I would really like to pop in since I will be a couple of blocks away for another event from ...more

My NaBloPoMo November 2011

Jackie Paulson (editor/book reviewer) ...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - November 4, 2011

Hello and happy Friday!  Don't forget this weekend, here in the US (well most of us that is), is when we fall back an hour - set that clock so you don't show up an hour early to work on Monday!...more
@BlogHer MI Senate bill to legalize school bullying for "religious reasons" ...more

My Blog and Writing Prompts

Jackie Paulson (editor/book reviewer)Day 1: Writing Prompt-What is my favorite part about writing?Day 2 ~ Writing Prompt~ If you knew that whatever you ate next would be your last meal, what would you want it to be?Day 3 ~ Writing Prompt ~ “Music”...more