BlogHer '11 Voices of the Year Submissions: Wide Open!

The phrase "instant classic" is an oxymoron – after all, a classic is something whose excellence has stood the test of time. But it’s descriptive, and we know an instant classic when we see one. And the BlogHer tradition now known as Voices of the Year was an instant classic the moment the curtain closed on the first one three years ago. ...more

Just another reason for loving BlogHer

a/b from The Burrow at ...more

Announcing: Room of Your Own Sessions at BlogHer ’11!

"The conference the community built" -- it's one of the most concise descriptions of BlogHer, and our favorite. Most of the sessions are crowd-sourced, to one degree or another, with a touch of curation around the edges. Even so, we know that after we’ve arranged the best imaginable conference program, those of you who are planning to come will see opportunities we haven’t. That's where Rooms of Your Own come in. Elisa described the process last year:...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- May 13, 2011

Happy Friday friends! We have a lot to share with you, so I'll cut the chitchat and dive in! BlogHer Food '11 -...more

I'm hoping to meet other bloggers who write about the arts - whatever the media - I'm wondering ...more

Self Sponsored Full Conferences Passes available at extreme discount!

I have 2 self sponsored '11 full conference passes for sale. Paid $607.95 each....make me an offer, I'm desperate to sell them!alicia . ross at me . comThank you! Alicia...more

Announcing: BlogHer Food '11 Pre-Conference Guide

Hello friends, the wait is over! The BlogHer Food '11 Pre-Conference Guide has arrived!...more

This is lovely - can't wait to use it in Atlanta!more

BH Food Attendees: Check Out This Secret Late-Night Menu in Atlanta!

If you're a BlogHer Food 2011 attendee looking for an eating adventure while in Atlanta, check out the report by Lindsey of Adventurous Tastes on the Friday-and-Saturday-only "Gastronomes" menu at TWO Urban Licks. The menu is only available from 10 p.m. those two nights until it runs out, and features wine or beer pairings with each dish....more

BlogHer Conference Update -- May 2, 2011

Hello, friends! Let's dive in to our updates for the week... BlogHer Food '11 is officially sold out! We will not have a waiting list for the conference but if you are looking to buy (or sell) a ticket, please check our Community Forum and you might find a ticket or a buyer....more

Update! BlogHer '11 Hotel Rooms

We have opened up a new block of rooms with double beds at the Omni San Diego which is only a <...more

Hi Lori,

I'm just after the group rate for Marriott. I've already booked a single room/king ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- April 15, 2011

Happy Friday! I'm happy to say that today is "not" Tax Day but the 18th is -- so hint hint, wink wink, make sure to get them done this weekend (I'm talking more to me than anyone else). Okay on to this week in BlogHer Conferences... BlogHer Food '11...more

BlogHer Food '11 Call for Authors!

UPDATE - May 10, 2011: Call for Authors has closed - thank you everyone for your submissions.It’s time for all you published (self published counts, too) authors to participate in our BlogHer Food '11 Bookstore in Atlanta, GA!!...more