BlogHer Conference Update -- January 20, 2012

Happy Weekend! Lots of fun things happening here with the BlogHer Conferences team so let's get started... Did you see we have launched our Call for Volunteers for both BlogHer '12 in NYC and BlogHerEntrepreneurs? Check out what a BlogHership is all about and submit your request. We have said it from the beginning: Our volunteers help make our events so special....more
I'd just like to point out that for those of us with very little money, it really stinks that ...more

BlogHerEntrepreneurs '12 Call for Volunteers

*************UPDATE: Thank you for all of your submissions!  The BlogHerEntrepreneurs '12 Call for Volunteers is now officially closed.**************** Help Us Help You (circa Jerry Maguire)! Sign up to be a volunteer today and if you’re accepted you get a complimentary pass to BlogHerEntrepreneurs ‘12! We want to make this year’s BlogHerEntrepreneurs Conference even better than last years, but we can’t do it without you- our volunteers!...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - January 14, 2012

Happy Saturday -- and for some long weekend! It's been another busy week for the conferences team here at BlogHer so let's get started. First! We have issued our Call for Volunteers for BlogHer '12 in NYC. What you get and what you give are outlined in the post but it's pretty simple: give us a few hours of your time and we'll give you a full conference pass (other expenses are not included)....more
@RagstoStitches We have more apply than volunteer slots which are like scholarships & saved 4 ...more

Hilary's Top 10 2011 Blogher Swag

Everyone loves swag. And, at the Blogher Conference in San Diego last August, I was given so much swag, I had to buy another suitcase! (I could have left the stuff at the hotel room but how could I part with beloved swag?)It’s taken me months to get an opportunity to sample the products and I wanted to share with you my favorites from the show: Top 10:•    Nestle’s Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer (this stuff is natural and tastes great in coffee!)...more

BlogHer '12 Call for Volunteers!

*****UPDATE: The Call for Volunteers for BlogHer '12 is Officially Closed.  Volunteer applicants were informed via email on Tuesday, February 21st.  If you applied and did not recieve an email please email*****Are you itching to go to BlogHer '12, but money is a little too tight? Sign up to be a volunteer today and if accepted you will receive a complimentary pass!Every year we strive to give you the best possible conference -- one that tops last year and the year before! This year we want to do the same, but we need your help. Volunteer as a mic wrangler or registration desk helper and you will not only be helping us make a great conference, but you will also get a free pass! Apply here for your BlogHership....more
Can you please let me know if there are any spots left? I know it's past the deadline but I am ...more

BlogHer Conference Update - January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!! 2012 -- that sure did come along quickly! There's lots to catch up on so let's get started! BlogHer Entrepreneurs (formerly known as BlogHer|bet) is baaaaack! We are so excited to bring back one of the most popular conferences of 2011 -- and one of the most intimate. We are noticing a nice trend in registration and that is to say last years' attendees are coming back (yay!) but that also means first timers need to jump on the band wagon and join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity: 1:1 mentoring by some of the smartest women around. ...more
Hello. I'd like to ask why the agenda and speaker list for the conferences are released so ...more

Make Your New Year's Resolution to Attend BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle!

With the beginning of the year upon us and everyone making resolutions, goals and changes, I thought it would be a good time to remind you about some upcoming events on the BlogHer Events calendar. In fact, since so many New Year’s Resolutions revolve around food (more, less, healthier, yummier), why not combine your travel goals with your food goals and come to BlogHer Food ‘12 in Seattle?...more
I WANNA GO to BlogHer Food. But I can't. *pout*more

Conference Corner: BlogHer Call for Ideas Ending Soon!

That time of year is upon us… No, I’m not referencing the holiday season! We at BlogHer are anticipating and celebrating the annual Call for Ideas for two of our most classic events: BlogHer Food, and BlogHer’s annual conference!And if you can believe it, the BlogHer Food ’12 Call for Ideas closes TOMORROW (December 21st), and the BlogHer ’12 Call for Ideas closes in just TWO WEEKS (Thursday, January 5th)....more
I am starting to get really excited! If I'm able to make it, this will be my first time at BlogHer!more

Calling All Entrepreneurial Women: Announcing BlogHerEntrepreneurs '12 This March

If you're a woman who has a big idea that involves technology, the Internet or social media, we are bringing back a unique opportunity that we launched in 2011: Register now for our second annual BlogHerEntrepreneurs Conference, focused on business, entrepreneurism and technology, which will take place on March 22-23, 2012 at the Citrix Executive Briefing Center in Santa Clara, CA....more
@Rita Arens I just could not leave your web site prior to suggesting that I really enjoyed the ...more

Relation Between Small Business and Website

It's well known what exactly internet and additionally what options a site work. The essential thing is will need to every single small personal business like local store, a contractor for insect killing, sweepers providers etc. must have a webpage for their business? I tell you yes today small enterprise requires an internet site for displaying themselves that will each and every client. Here are some reasons behind the need for web-site for all kinds of small company.Today’s Necessity:...more