Little Joys

My daughter has always been a bit difficult.  During her preschool years, I really did not push the whole writing  letters and numbers thing.  She was very resistant to work with me.  At preschool, she was more willing.  But not with Mommy.  I believe this stems from her perfectionist personality.  Knowing she wouldn't make her letters "perfect" she didn't want to take the time to try....more

Swag box from P&G

late this week, fed-x delivered a box on my doorstep at 8 am.  it was swag from p&g, as promised.  blogher11 keeps giving and giving!  this is all the stuff that was in the box.  i'm real good at setting up shots eh?  notice the unstoppable bottle turned the wrong way.  bwahaha!...more
Awesome! All of that reminds me I need some FreBreeze...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - September 9, 2011

Happy "pre BlogHer Handmade" weekend!We here at BlogHer are very excited for BlogHer Handmade next week and we hope we will see many of our friends on Thursday, September 15 in Minneapolis! I hear the weather will be fabulous and there is so much to do, after your full day with us of course! If you are in the area and have not registered, there is still time to do so. Check out our agenda, sponsors and speakers -- it's an event you won't want to miss....more

BlogHer Handmade ’11 Call for Authors

BlogHer Handmade is BlogHer’s social media event for creative/crafting/food-loving bloggers. We’re partnering with The Creative Connection to host this day, where we’re covering everything from Content and Community Building, to Growing Your Reach, to Monetization and Business Models. It’s a day jam-packed with information creative bloggers need to boost their social media presence, and it’s taking place next week in St. Paul, Minnesota....more

Join More Than 1,000 BlogHers who Took the "No Kid Hungry" Pledge with Jimmy Dean

O'Dwyers Magazine, a trade publication for the PR industry, recently noted how many sponsors brought causes and social good initiatives to BlogHer this year. We wanted to share with you the results of one such initiative, and let you know you can still be a part of it....more

BlogHer '11: Greening a Conference

There are many challenges when producing a conference -- and one of the biggest is being eco-friendly. At BlogHer '11 this year, we did many things in an effort to be green. We do know it's not only about "recycle," so there was also a healthy dose of "re-use and reduce" in the mix! ...more
just wanted to thank you, Lori! i read over on Beth's blog you all are taking steps to help ...more

(VIDEO) BlogHer '11 -- Newbie Breakfast With Deb on the Rox

One of the things we do at a BlogHer conference that might be a tad different than other conferences is our "Newbie Breakfast" -- intended to orient our first-time attendees at the conference, and hopefully set and manage some expectations.Because it can be fun, scary, exciting (insert your own adjective) to come to BlogHer for the first time, we like to lighten the mood....more
These women rock! I'm not a newbie but I listened to every word of this.more

Targets of Hate: Why We Can't Just Let Bullying Go

Back in March, my son -- a sweet, soft-hearted, slightly nerdy, computer whiz who always looks out for the underdog -- became a target of bullies. For reasons unknown to our family, three teenagers that were once his friends concocted a story so bizarre that when their parent called us, we were confused. Surely they are talking about someone else? They accused my son of plotting to kill their mother on a Friday, involved the police, social workers, and their parents, then went to school on a Monday and laughed in his face....more
I'm so sorry about what you've had to endure.  I've been through my fair share of powerlessness ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- September 2, 2011

Happy weekend -- and for those of us in the US, happy Labor Day! As a housekeeping note, our offices will be closed on Monday. Now, on to the conference update: BlogHer '11 Conference Video Posted!...more

(VIDEO) BlogHer '11 Closing Keynote With Ricki Lake, Carol Jenkins and Fatemeh Fakhraie

Watch as Lisa Stone, co-founder and CEO of BlogHer, moderates the BlogHer '11 closing keynote on how women are represented by the media and in the making of media in a discussion with Emmy Award-winning Carol Jenkins, former head of the Women's Media Center; Fatemeh Fakhraie, founder of Muslimah Media Watch; and Ricki Lake, actress, talk show host and director of The Business of Being Born....more
@BlogHerEvents @BlogHer Thanks Lori! Momo hooked me up earlier.more