BlogHer '11 Blog Bling!

Update 3/15/11 - I'm so excited I might burst!  Check out the new BlogHer '11 blog badges with the new look and feel - don't worry, your website should update automatically if you have already posted to your blog! ******************************* Update 1/28/11 - We've just added new bling!!  Keep the ideas coming :)) ******************************* Welcome to BlogHer '11 blog bling -- here you can grab some bling and add some sparkle to your blog!  Leave YOUR ideas below and we'll add more as we go along! ...more

Katie Walters is the author of An ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- January 7, 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first conference update of 2011 -- we're happy to be back from the holiday season and a little R&R. Since 2011 is going to be a conference rich year I'll be taking conference updates in chronological order (easy for me to remember things this way). BlogHer|bet -...more

Would you like to share your blogging experience with others in a networking event in London?

Hi Blogher!As chief collaborator (of all sorts might I add), I am looking for ladies to share their blogging experience with other ladies in an EPWN -London event in Feb. Interested?  ...more

EPWN sounds like a fascinating program. I would be interested in sharing my blogging ...more

Announcing the BlogHer Food '11 Call for Ideas

Last month, we were thrilled to announce our third annual BlogHer Food Conference, this May 20-21, and even more excited to reveal that we were moving down South to Atlanta. We're glad lots of you seemed as excited about that as we are, and I should mention that you should probably register soon. While we are growing capacity for the event, tickets are going fast, and the previous two years both sold out....more

like menu planning, feeding a family, feeding special diets?

Announcing - - BlogHer|bet '11 Hotel Accommodations

We are thrilled to announce that we have secured a limited number of rooms at the Santa Clara Marriott for the first annual BlogHer|bet event!...more

Anyone looking to share a room for one or two nights?

Jan Kabili

Change the Way You Shop for Groceries

We spend loads of time talking about food and how we should go grocery shopping, but I think we secretly hope that if we talk about it loudly and long enough that the food will magically appear (and cook itself). My small step toward better health for 2011 is to go grocery shopping so that I can stock our house with healthful food, and we've actually already started this. In order to avoid a cart full of processed "food" (and I use that term loosely), I hit the produce department first. ...more

Great tips. I always hit the produce first and then the bulk foods. I like having control over ...more

BlogHer11 Is there a special rate at the Marriott for attendees?

Looking all over for information on the San Diego Marriott, but finding NO information, maybe I am looking in all the wrong places.  I wanted to reserve my rooms and have this all behind me.  If anyone is in knowledge of special room rates, please let me know. Many Thanks!Happy New 2011!...more

Here's the info about the more Conferences Relaunch: A Holiday Poem

The relaunch of our Conferences section is big news around here. Isn't it pretty!!!??? As a thank you to the awesome people who made it so, I wrote a little poem I hope you will enjoy ......more

Lynn, this little ditty is kind of amazing. And the new conference site looks beautiful!more

Blogher 11 Conference

I am wondering what steps I need to do to transfer the conference pass I just purchased.  I can't commit to going at this early of a time.  ...more

Thank you so much for the information.more

BlogHer Food '11 Blog Bling!

Welcome to BlogHer Food '11 blog bling -- here you can grab some bling and add some sparkle to your blog!...more

I'm so excited to go this year!!!!