BlogHer '10 Swag Bag from Registration

Shit I never got one of those!

Where's my Mr. Potato Head.


Body Paint by Chookooloonks

I traveled to New York City alone, to a conference where I knew no one. I recognized women I read, whose words and images I admire. But I didn't have a friend's arms to fall into for a familiar, reassuring hug. I didn't have soul mates to meet in the lobby for laughs, secrets, support. No one to steal away with for coffee, a slice or a stroll down Fifth Avenue. I don't know the difference between Blogger and WordPress. I don't want sponsors. I am not a brand....more

(VIDEO) BlogHer10: Four Days in Four Minutes Stop-Action Movie

"Dude, this looks like a movie," she said. You totally need to make this into a movie." As she said this, I remembered watching a fantastic stop-motion video made by supremely talented photographer Casey Templeton, where he admitted taking dozens of bad shots in order to get a good one. I so get that. In fact, when I shoot, I tend to do it very quickly -- I'm constantly talking to my subject, we're joking and laughing, and all the while my finger is firing the shutter so rapidly, it sounds like I've got the camera on a sports setting. Usually, when I take portraits, people are surprised that I'm finished as quickly as I am; but really, I've taken tons of shots during that moment. ...more

This was so cool. I wasn't there (sadly), but really enjoyed this. Thanks for ...more

Don't read this if you are hungry...

Last week at the BlogHer 10 conference in NYC, 2,400 bloggers/attendees gathered to discuss all things blogging and, of course, to have fun. I was delighted to meet blogger and artist Carol Gillott who creates the lovely blog Paris Breakfasts....more