Speaker Spotlight: Sandy Carter and Adriana Gascoigne at BlogHer | bet ’11

Next month, BlogHer is bringing together industry leaders in a new event for ambitious women: BlogHer | bet ’11. Today, we'd like to introduce you to intrapreneur Sandy Carter of IBM and advisor Adriana Gascoigne, Founder of Girls in Tech. ...more

This is really making me wish I could be at BlogHer|bet.

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New Mexican “V”- Light

Mexican food has always been ones of the top 5 of my list and it’s so hard to find a good vegetarian Mexican restaurant in Panama. Then I thought of settling for cooking it for myself at home but still, you want to go out and enjoy the cuisine of someone else without the after effects. The question stuck in my head as a food snob, a healthy vegetarian…...more

The BlogHer '11 Agenda. Step One: The Preliminary Session Schedule

Today we are excited to announce that most of the break-out sessions have been added to the BlogHer '11 online agenda. As we explained in our call for ideas, these break-outs are just one segment of programming at BlogHer, but they are an important one!...more

You know, not *everyone* who attends BlogHer is a really active blogger. Some spend more time on ...more

T-cicada T-shirt

love, i love you. i miss you every min.Rain stopped, why still grey of the sky?i can still remember, u said we should happy.the sounds of footsteps in midnight always grating on the ear.fear of loneliness,  let the carnival city sleep with mebut i always feel i am the lonely one eventhough there are a lot of people around me/.everytime when i laugh , my heart still cried so hard. give me a reason to forget.  you , love me so much.give me a reason to give up,  the  decision we made before....more

Speaker Spotlight: Charlene Li at BlogHer | bet ’11

Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Waaaayyyyy back in 2005, BlogHer hosted its inaugural conference by and about women who blog. At that event, Charlene Li participated in the opening general session alongside Halley Suitt Tucker. The topic: Should we try to change the rules of the game...or just create a new game? In the interest of continuing to try to do both, Charlene is joining us yet again to be one of our industry leader mentors at a new event for ambitious women: BlogHer | bet ’11. ...more

Announcing the BlogHer|bet '11 Virtual Conference Pass: Don't Miss a Thing!!

Late last year, Lisa, Jory and I were thrilled to announce a new BlogHer Conference: BlogHer|bet, developed for women with an interest in business, entrepreneurism and technology. Whether that means creating a start-up or innovating with in a company, BlogHer|bet offers peer networking, incisive actionable programming and, best of all, one-on-one face-to-face mentoring from one of the 50 amazing mentors and role models who have agreed to participate....more

Good to know you'll be joining us, even from afar :)

And thanks for the reminder about ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- February 4, 2011

Happy Super Bowl weekend! Okay, now I must admit my only interest in the SB is for the commercials and the halftime show -- yay Peas! I am by no means as passionate as Lynn and Katie (take a peek) but we do have some passionate announcements for the conferences so read on......more

Home Sweet Virtual Village

Don't you just love it when you re-discover something you've written a while ago, totally forgotten you've written, and it still perfectly captures how you feel, what you want to say, and helps you to reaffirm an aspect of yourself that you sometimes neglect or may even forget about from time to time?  I rediscovered a post on a blog I started for my business in ...more

Announcing Childcare at BlogHer '11

We, along with our sponsor, Samsung Mobile, are proud to announce childcare at BlogHer '11 in San Diego! ...more

Too bad there isn't any night babysitting so we can attend the parties with our ...more

BlogHer 2011 in San Diego - yeah

BlogHer 2011 happening where I live, very excited. Now I will look who I can contact to sign up as a volunteer at the conference. Would love to help out.Susanne...more