Power, Platforms and the M-word

"Don't get mad, get elected."As BlogHer 2010 highlighted in spades, from the seemingly trite to the life altering, women who blog are reinventing med...more

BlogHer '10: I'm Home, Now What?

You came, you schmoozed, you listened, you learned, you shared, you partied, and now you're home and you're pooped. Like any conference, BlogHer '10 challenges you to DO something with your experience once you get home. Whether you attended for the social aspect, to network for business, to learn and be inspired, or all of the above, you are likely faced with the question "I'm home from BlogHer '10, Now What?!" ...more

Hey again!

Thanks so much for your kind reply, Paula!

I just found out that Owning Pink ...more

BlogHer'10: You and me...book bloggers and the FTC

The first session I attended at BlogHer'10 was on that topic so dear to the heart of any review blogger: "The FTC Guidelines: After a Year, Has Anything Changed?" (And yes, although you may not review anything other than books, that still makes you a "review blogger," technically speaking.) The panelists were marketing blogger, <...more

(SLIDESHOW) BlogHer '10: Scenes From the Expo Hall

We're putting up your 2010 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far. We want your pictures! Just add your pics to BlogHer's Flickr group -- it is here. Learn more about adding pix with this how-to. (Make sure to join the group and set your Creative Commons license so we can share!) The more you label and sort your pictures, the faster we can put them up. You can sort them by: Panels and keynotes ...more

This is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same ...more

BlogHer 2010 Conference in NYC: Blogging Tips, Finding Your Mission and Bruce Jenner, Oh My!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get a last minute ticket to the 2010 ...more

I Heart BlogHer '10

I've been home for only a couple of hours since returning from New York, but I wanted to get to typing and sharing about this weekend before I forgot anything. I had an absolutely amazing time. Shame on me for not knowing the wonder that is the BlogHer conference. The BlogHer conference is everything that I envisioned a gathering of smart, articulate and progressive women to be. Granted, there is a disproportionate number of women of color who attend in comparison to those who blog, but I know that the organizers work each year in building the presence of women of color....more

BlogHer'10: Book bloggers in an "evolving publishing ecosystem"

 It's hard to process everything that goes on in a conference session when you're one of its presenters, and the time goes by a lot faster. I represented book bloggers on the Writing Lab ROYO panel, "The Evolving Publishing Ecosystem," on the second day of BlogHer'10....more

Thanks for including my comment in your recap. I have to say I love book bloggers, and find out ...more

My Velveteen Friends, The Ones Who Keep Me Real and Grounded

Our words - how we write them, share them, make an impact with them, change lives with them.  That's what BlogHer10 was about....more

BlogHer '10 in Tweets: What You Said About the Conference on Twitter!

Whether you experienced the excitement of BlogHer ’10 in the flesh or lived vicariously through the pictures and Twitter feed, it’s safe to say this year’s conference in New York was a success. ...more

I kept forgetting to use the hashtag. Oh well--next year :-)

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