Remember When You Were 15?

Think back to when you were on the cusp of 15 and say something to yourself or wish someone had said to you...share it with me. Better? Video. A picture holding up some words of encouragement, empathy, hope, common sense, or just some sort of birthday wish. ...more

My initials are also "RJ," I'm "Rita Jane." My grandmother always called me by my first two ...more

Watch the BlogHer '10 General Session Videos - Including the Community Keynote

Today we're so pleased to publish video from every general session at BlogHer '10. That means you can be inspired by the women who risk their lives to blog...our International Activist Blogger Scholarship recipients....more

BlogHer '10 Sessions: Now in Audio!

The audio files have rolled in, and we've organized them by track...listen and enjoy the sessions you may have missed.  Thanks to Monty for editing the files :) CHANGE AGENTS Feeding the Conversation: How to Build A Community Around Your Cause ...more

I just heard the entire session on Family Foodies and it had some fabulous tips. I'm posting it ...more

Blogher 10 Party Recap: Part Two

I know, it is crazy that I wasn’t able to finish the party recap in one post, but even in my diminished state (because of work to be done at BlogHer) I still managed to hit a lot of great parties that demand to be dissected.Because that’s how I muthaf*ckin’ roll, people.Friday Addendum...more

BlogHer 10: Party Recap for Thursday and Friday

Okay, so after all my planning and advice-giving on getting the most out of your BlogHer experience through the power of organization, I thought it fair...more

Want to Save Time? Let My Skin Concierge Ava do the leg work for you! Skincare Tips & Insider Info!

My Skin Concierge Ava is your Skincare, Spa & Travel go-to gal & expert with a promise to bring you insider knowledge about beauty and relaxation. As a Freelance Writer specializing in Skincare, Spa & Travel experiences, I will take you to many locales where I most likely will take a whirl at the nearest spa. Along the way we may have to indulge in a few delightful entrees or chocolate desserts and promises of random fun. My guide's pledge is to spread the word that travel and spa experiences are not a luxury, but essential for both a healthy body and mind....more

BlogHer '11 Conference in San Diego -- Make Your Hotel Reservation Today!

It's may now make reservations at the Marriott Hotel and Marina for BlogHer '11 in sunny San Diego! ...more

Lots of them :)more

Nestle and BlogHer Sponsorship: Creating an Unsafe place for women

I just got done reading a friend of a friend’s blog, Leaky Boob[i], and since I had an immediate reaction, I realized I needed to write a response right away. I quickly looked it up, and all over the internet, I confirmed that this was the case… which honestly, I look back and am glad that I didn’t go to the conference in 2010, because the sponsorship of an anti-woman corporation for a pro woman conference would have been too hypocritical for me to feel comfortable enough to get past it. I’m sure it would have clouded my judgment....more

Turning Online Friends into Real Life BFFs

The Bloggess Jenny Lawson, Owning PInk's Lissa Rankin, and BlogHer Co-Founder Jory Des Jardins...more

The Last First Day of School Pic

One of my favorite poems, Cascando by Samuel Beckett, includes the phrase, "there is a last even of last times." Today, I am incredibly aware of another truth: There is a last even of first times. Mary starts her senior year in high school today. Those of you who have loved me for years know what that means ... the annual "first day of school" photo will soon pop up in your email....more