I want to attend blogging events, but I am Deaf

I am writing this blog post for the first-time because I would like to share what I think. I hope that this post helps getting readers' attention. What's going on with blogging events?I want to attend blogging events but I am deaf. I do not know if any blogging events would provide sign language interpreters or not. I am concerned that blogging events would not provide sign language interpreters for Deaf bloggers who want to attend. ...more
@Lori Luna    Hi, Lori -   That's okay. Thank you for your explanation about Caption First. ...more

A Sense of Belonging - BlogHer '13

Charlie and I had a wonderful time in Chicago at the end of July. We went sightseeing and I attended the BlogHer 2013 conference. This is my third time attending the annual BlogHer conference....more

8 Things to Do with Those Tit Cups from BlogHer '13 and Jockey

I got a lot of swag  at my first BlogHer conference. Some of it was really cool and some I could have done without (like the 16 oz. bottle of Lubriderm which was travel-unfriendly). However, the most interesting  piece of swag that was even trending on Twitter almost immediately, were Jockey's "tit cups" (as they were labled by the blogosphere).Here are 8 things you can do with your 'tit cups' if you haven't thrown them out yet.1. Use them as a snack bowl for your kids or at your work station...more

VIDEO: Relive a Little of BlogHer '13 with Our Videos, Now Live!

Happy Friday! Our BlogHer '13 official conference videos are live! We know that both those who attended and those who couldn't make it love to watch these, so we're thrilled to put them here for your viewing pleasure! Would you like to relive a little of BlogHer '13 with me? Okay, let's go. ...more
@Mediamum Phew, thanks for the catch!more

From One BlogHer Newbie to Another...Can We Talk?

"Did she just say don't turn your blog into a book proposal?" -- Me whispering to my friend during the "How To Turn Your Blog Into A Book Proposal" session....more

A Mom’s Trusted Voice on Health Insurance

The following was written by Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services.As a mother and grandmother, I know how a mom’s voice is critical to maintaining the health of her family—and that’s true even after her kids have grown up into young adults.  And as a trusted voice in the lives of their children, moms can play a vital role in getting the word out about the exciting new options for affordable, quality health coverage becoming available this fall for their children and other families in their communities. Starting October 1, people who either do not have insurance or who buy their own but are looking for new options will be able to sign up for the Health Insurance Marketplace at HealthCare.gov. There, they will be able to compare easy-to-understand plans and choose the one that best suits their needs and budget for coverage that will start January 1, 2014. Many families, including young adults, will also be eligible for tax credits that can help lower the cost of their premiums....more

BlogHer '13 Photos Are LIVE -- and Lookin' Good!

I am pleased to tell you that our Official Photos from BlogHer '13 are IN HOUSE. We are excited to share them with you today. I love me a good picture, and our photographers -- Danielle Tsi, Nader Khouri and Ricky Kluge -- delivered some good pictures. You all are some good lookin' people! It's a treat for the eye, a way to relive all the fun of the conference again. Or, most of it anyway....more
Hello there, Jenna! What a fun, exceptionally inviting post. The photos are just BlogHer-icious. ...more

Thoughts on Attending BlogHer '13 with a Disability

There are many blog posts about the mega BlogHer event that concluded in Chicago almost two weeks ago. Each one I read was wonderful, detailing the unique camaraderie between bloggers, discussing the brands at the Expo Hall, and summing up what each blogger learned both from the sessions and their own personal experiences. As a writer and a health advocate, I can’t sit still without using my own voice about BlogHer from the point of view of a midlifer and someone living with a disability. ...more
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BlogHer13 recap: struggling to find my place in the BlogHer community

So. BlogHer. The biggest conference for women bloggers. Was it everything I wanted?Eh? Maybe? Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations, so there weren’t too many ways it could disappoint me. And knowing that women think about BlogHer all year long and it is such a life changing and inspiring event for them, and here I am all “meh” about it… Felt like maybe something was wrong. Is it me, is it the conference?Let’s break it down…...more

I Left BlogHer '13 Feeling Like a Loser, but Maybe I'm Just on My Own Path

I left BlogHer '13 feeling like a loser. This was not the fault of the hardworking women who organized and led the event. BlogHer is the world's largest blogging conference for women and I felt quite privileged to have had the opportunity to travel to Chicago for this year's event, which was held July 25-27. The breakout sessions were informative and to call the keynote speakers inspiring would be an understatement. I was in awe of the confidence of Ree Drummond (better known as the Pioneer Woman) and can't count how many times she made me laugh out loud. ...more
Girl. Listen... You got this. Trust me, it can all seem overwhelming and underwhelming at the ...more