Two Soups on a Rainy Sunday

Today is one of those rainy days where you’re happy to stay inside, all warm & cozy.   Now that Fall has arrived, there’s a bit of chill in the air.Steve is away, so I’m left to my own devices. What a gift, a day to myself! That means that it’s the perfect day to make some soup. To me, soup is love, comfort, the warm blanket that I put over my shoulders when there’s a chill in the house....more

#BlogHer15 An Evening with Marcus Samuelsson and Canadian Lentils

As I was preparing to attend BlogHer15 in New York City, a very pleasant invitation popped up in my email box.  I had to pinch myself! Dinner at the famed Red Rooster Harlem/Ginny’s Supper Club along with a chance to meet Chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson, I'm in!  Being the shameless foodie I am, I had no intention of missing this event....more

Inspiration from Italy

 Where does your kitchen inspiration come from? Today mine comes from the garden and the lessons I learned in Italy. As I have my morning coffee in the garden I’m delighted to find the most beautiful tomato’s, basil and parsley so I plan our dinner.  ...more

The Best Ratatouille

Hands down, this is the best Ratatouille I have ever tasted....more

The Salad Bowl

Every time I’m asked what is my favorite kitchen gadget, I think about what gives me the most pleasure. In my view,  the kitchen is made up of multiple parts improving with age....more

Announcing: Killer Karaoke at #BlogHerFood15

You read that right, Killer Karaoke comes to #BlogHerFood15!   Backstory...for the past few years we have hosted a karaoke party at our annual conferences and our fabulous attendees come out of the woodwork, singing, dancing, über amounts of fun and frivolity.So we said, "let's do this in Chicago - our foodies know how to party, they like to sing" and voilà a new tradition was born - don't let us down foodies!...more

Food Blogger Pro Tips: Know Your Worth, Write Your Feelings and More

Irvin Lin, blogger at Eat the Love, does a lot. And he does it well. Which is why when he talks food blogging, you should listen....more
This is such a great article.  It's refreshing to know that I'm not the only one who faces ...more

Food Fridays and Julia Child at the Smithsonian

Have you seen Julia Child’s kitchen at the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institute? I finally did on Friday.  Since this is high up on my list to see, you would have thought I would have done this long ago,  considering I live about an hour from the museum. Like any good suburbanite, I only enjoyed the offerings of Washington, DC, and the museums when I host tourists. ...more

Join Us on Tuesday, October 27 for a Twitter Chat With Sarah Michelle Gellar

In just about two weeks now, 500 food-focused creators will be descending on Chicago's Hyatt Regency to immerse themselves in the #BlogHerFood15 experience. (Yes, you can still register, although we're nearing absolute capacity.) ...more
ElisaC making sure marthadear knows about this. <3more

38: Cutting Myself Some Slack

Hard to believe that another birthday is upon me, but here it is. Thirty-eight. I have to admit that 37 won't go down in the books as my favorite year. Work has been harder than ever before. Both kids had pneumonia and Max was hospitalized for it, and then I was really sick with it too. We spent a big portion of the year renovating the house, which was the achievement of a long-held goal, but also relatively stressful to live through. I didn't write very much. I exercised even less. I had a hard time giving up something important to me.  ...more