#HealingStories at BlogHer '15: The Power of Sharing Our Health Journeys Online [full recording]

Storytelling has the power to heal. Sharing our unique health experiences with others can help us cope and can also help many other women on their own unique path to healing.   Care To The People's "The Healing Power of Stories" luncheon at BlogHer '15 in New York City brought together bloggers living with medical conditions as well as bloggers caring for someone facing health issues to discuss how sharing their health journey online has helped them cope....more

#BlogHer15 Finding YOUR Balance: Brands, Networking, Connecting and More!

It's really over! I can hardly believe that the Conference I have worked towards attending nearly since my beginning as a Blogger has actually come to an end. #BlogHer15 - 3 Days packed with so many opportunities at times it became overwhelming. ...more

My 52 Hours Of Fabulosity At #BlogHer15

As you know, BlogHer 15 was my first BlogHer Conference....more

ABA Therapist

ABA therapist in early intervention for special needs children focus on getting the children to learn life skills in order to be part of the society and curve some of the behaviors. The process start as soon as the child gets up from bed, a regular routine is very important and any changes can upset the child. He or she can communicate what he or she needs, and what he or she is avoiding or seeking....more

Putting Your Best Foot Forward #BlogHer15 (The 2nd Annual BlogHer Shoe Post)

Note #1: This post was originally posted on Tales From the Motherland. If you see your shoes in this piece, please pop over there and leave a link to your blog, in my comments' section! http://talesfromthemotherland.me/2015/07/22/shoes-at-blogher15/...more

How I almost didn't go to #BlogHer15

I've put off writing about BlogHer15 not because I didn't enjoy myself, or because I have nothing to say. I'm not quite sure how to articulate what led me to BlogHer this year. ...more

#BlogHer15 reentry: Straddling Two Selves

Many who attended and relished #BlogHer15 are writing now of reentry. Of recovering from the fatigue of being "on" during the conference (even though we certainly wanted to be just that) and dealing with long trips home. Of feeling somewhat misplaced, no longer in a community in which there is a sort of shorthand and a great deal of acceptance and understanding....more

How Majora Carter Brought Down the House at The Pitch

Majora Carter brought down the house during the inspiring The Pitch session at #BlogHer15. Her passionate description of her company, StartUp Box, which pairs tech companies looking for quality talent with entry-level employees in low-status communities, earned her a year of marketing and PR support from SheKnows Media! ...more
This moment was by far my most favorite time! I so enjoyed all of the Pitches! This is what ...more