Tips for BlogHer Conference Newbies!

I am going to BlogHer this year. I can’t pass it up since it is in New York City. The last time I attended the conference, it was amazing. There is just so much a blogger can learn. Plus who doesn’t want to meet all the bloggers you have made connections with over the years?Well and meet new bloggers. At BlogHer 2010 when I became the Wine Fairy I also met several awesome bloggers I talk to almost daily still. It is like a sisterhood. A great sisterhood. And once a year we all get together to learn and party.With an emphasis on party. It is always a good time....more
I enjoyed reading this.  This will be my first conference and I am a newbie blogger (3 ...more

New York, New York

A question for those of you who have been to, or would like to visit at some future time, New York City: If you had a fairly limited, but as-yet-unscheduled block of time - in this case, several hours on a Sunday morning/afternoon in early August after BlogHer '12 and before returning to Canada - what would you choose to do and/or see? Where would you go? How would you spend your time? ...more

BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - May 4, 2012

Happy Friday and happy Star Wars day! (I will confess that May the Fourth be with you did not make any sense to me until I said it out loud -- giggle.) Now onto things that do make sense to me... BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle is quickly approaching and we've got so much planned for you and your time with us....more

Need to sell my BlogHer student pass

Hello,I need to sell my BlogHer conference student pass for New York. I see that it's sold out, so if anyone is looking for a student pass, please let me know. It's $75.00. You may email me at Thanks!Jessenia...more

The BlogHer Food '12 Mobile App Is Available for Download!

Our conference mobile app is back, once again, for BlogHer Food '12! This application will allow you to plan out your schedule during the conference, find more information on speakers and sponsors, connect with other attendees, update your social media channels, and take notes on your favorite sessions. Here's a brief run-down of the various features:  ...more

Speaker Spotlight: BlogHer Food Day Two, The Innovator Interview

Last week I introduced you to Diane Cu, Todd Porter, Bryant Terry, and Terry Walters, the keynote speakers for BlogHer Food '12's first day. Today, it's the end of Day Two's headliners. (Registered yet? There are still a few spots left, so get moving!)....more
It would have been a dream come true to have been able to attend and participate in BlogHer Food ...more

BlogHer Food '12: The Fairmont Olympic Hotel and ADA Accessibility

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, the fabulous host hotel for BlogHer Food '12, is a historic hotel. In fact, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1924 and has seen many visitors over the years including John F Kennedy in 1961 -- who is said to have stayed in the hotel's Presidential Suite.  Given that the hotel is listed as a historic place, any restoration performed has to be done to maintain the original Italian Renaissance architecture and certain things have been grandfathered in. This leaves the hotel with having to provide additional accommodations to be compliant with today's ADA requirements....more

What I Wish I Had Known Three Months Before My First BlogHer Conference

If there's a way to do BlogHer wrong, I did just that last year.I signed up at the last minute, paid too much for rush shipping of bad business cards, didn't look into any other bloggers before I went and really had no idea what this whole Twitter thing was. I made almost every mistake in the blogging conference book.Lessons learned, I'm heading to BlogHer '12 with less desparation and more preparation, and I'm here to share that wisdom with BlogHer newbies and alums alike....more
Hi Lauren!  I am so glad I found this!  I am going for my first time and I am nervous abou it. ...more

What's Your Favorite Blogged Recipe?

It is always the highlight of my work week to bring you bite-sized interviews with our speakers. With BlogHer Food '12 looming one month and one week away, I really wanted to take the time to ask a couple of our speakers a question that I always ask food bloggers: What's your favorite blogged recipe? I find it so interesting to hear their wide and varied answers. I also ask it because I like to make new things, and who better to ask for a recipe than a food blogger! As such, for our BlogHer Food Bites this week, I have asked two speakers to share their favorites. Their answers are simply awesome....more
I see many amazing food posts daily. I think I am most "wowed" by great food pictures and the ...more

BlogHer Conferences: Why I Go and What I Get from the Experience

A good friend of mine recently began blogging about marriage and asked me a few really great questions about my BlogHer conference experiences. These are great questions to ask if you're considering going to BlogHer, have already purchased your tickets and are experiencing anxiety, or just want to know what to expect. ...more
 @wdolderer terrible that I'm so late replying! I have taken my laptop in the past but it's ...more