Eleven Things I Loved About BlogHer '11

Two days after returning home from my first ever blog conference, which just happened to be BlogHer 2011 (the biggest and "baddest" of them all), my head is still spinning with all my new knowledge. Some of it is knowledge about how to be a better blogger and brand ambassador. Some of it is knowledge about my own motivations and goals. Some of it is knowledge about dozens of impressive blog gurus that I just met and need to find time to follow and learn from. Sigh! Two days is just not enough time to process....more

Operation Glory

Originally posted on sunshinewonderland.com *********************   I had spent time at BlogHer, whenever I found myself in conversation with complete strangers, telling them ‘make sure you have lunch at the convention Friday, be there after noon.’ Why? They would invetiably ask. I can’t tell, I’d answer. I couldn’t tell, I shouldn’t have told, but I did tell. But just a couple people....more

Hot Eats in San Diego!

When you think about your choice in restaurants, are you an adventurer or do you stick to the “tried and true”? If you chose the latter, you might want to consider switching it up! For all of you BlogHer fans visiting after the conference, here’s a quick look at the newest eateries in the hood:...more

BlogHer 11: A Missed Opportunity: Women in Skepticism

There was no public skeptical presence at the BlogHer11 conference, a gathering of 3,600 women (and a few men) bloggers. This was a missed opportunity.I missed the boat in several ways. ...more

Connections at BlogHer 11. Or, how it was impossible to meet some people because of special events.

I was so glad to be gone from the #blogher11 twittter stream the week before BlogHer11. I was overwhelmed and disappointed. it was #someparty this, #anotherparty that. I wasn't a part of that group, I had no idea who that was, and then it was the I had entered the blog entry contest and then also requested an invite but you didnt invite me after all that party that had me give up. I became a rebel against the outsider parties. Screw 'em....more
And thank you @Gamingangel for geeking out with me about Zelda.more

What's the bUZZ on BlogHer '11?

BlogHer ’11 proved to be more than I could have ever imagined. The quantity and quality of women, bloggers, booths, conference topics, key-note speakers, and gift bags was sensational. I was only lucky enough to attend the BlogHer conference for one day, but it was one hell of a day!...more

The Day After BlogHer 2011: R&R

After two crazy, wonderful days at BlogHer 2011, Sunday was a day of rest.  Or, perhaps simply more “restful?”Lisa and I took off for a seven mile walk/hike.The weather was perfect, the scenery was gorgeous, it felt awesome to sweat and move but, as always, the conversation was the best part....more

I would like your opinion

Thanks for reading my BlogHer 2011 recaps (Day one and Day two).  I really enjoyed the conference and hope that some of what I learned influences the direction of this blog....more

Reward from BeverlyHillsMom for return of lavendar scarf! No questions asked!

Hi Ladies I am really upset that I lost large square lilac colored Louis Vuitton scarf/shawl. It was my Mother's Day gift this year and has a great deal of personal sentimental value. My husband went to great lengths to find it for me in my favorite color, so my heart is aching over admitting that it is lost. It was definitely dropped somewhere between the Sails Pavillion at lunch and the sidewalk at the midpoint between the Convention Center and the Marriot. It fell from my bag and was likely picked up off the ground....more