Journalism professor, students face subpoenas and accusations - what does it mean for the rest of us?

At the same time that leading journalists and scholars are calling on college journalism programs to help fill the void left by the decline of newspapers, a court case in Illinois is raising questions about the legal status of student journalists that could have a chilling effect on the risks that journalism professors will ask their students to take....more

The Medill Innocence Project has done great work in the past and should not be hampered from ...more

Public Funding For Abortion Or A Good Game Plan?

When I  received this assignment, I thought it would be easy to take a clear position on the issue of whether I believed the Stupak Amendment to the House health care bill was worthwhile or even necessary. As I thought further, it became less clear to me, as someone who believes in the foundations of small government and individual liberty upon which this country was built, and given the reality of the time in which we live, it became more difficult for me to make a definitive statement. ...more

Here's my question (which has never been answered) - what's the difference between a ...more

Me and the D.C. Sniper

I don't remember too much about how that day started. But I can't seem to forget the hours that followed. I was on my way back from Dunkin Donuts when I learned my 2 year old daughter and I were in the path of a shooting spree.We had stood on the sidewalk beside the long, low brick elementary school watching with the other parents in a crowd of strollers and milling younger siblings while Finn and his classmates lined up behind his hawk-nosed and eyed kindergarten teacher, Ms. Blumenthal....more

Thanks so much for your comment. You said a lot. I know what you mean about how we ask our ...more

Defend art.

What happened: Artist John T. Unger’s work has been copied by a manufacturer. That mass-producing imitator has now filed suit to have Unger's copyrights of the work removed so that it can continue selling unlicensed and inexpensive knockoffs of the work. For more information about the case, visit this page of the artist's site. How people are reacting: ...more

John Allen Muhammad, "Beltway Sniper" and Gulf War Veteran, Is Executed

UPDATE 9/25 PM: The Washington Post reports that John Allen Muhammad was executed by lethal injection tonight as family members of his victims watched. He maintained his innocence until the end. ...more

Thank you Kim for sharing part of my story!

I believe strongly in the power of ...more

Memo to Rep. Joe Barton: Young adults need health insurance, too.

Of all of the claims and counterclaims spouted during yesterday's floor debate in the House of Representatives, I was most stunned by Rep. Joe Barton's assertion that 10-15 million uninsured young adults don't want health insurance: ...more

“Modernizing” Unemployment: What the National Press Isn’t Saying

 It’s national news that today there are now new stimulus funds for extended unemployment benefits, tax credits for first-time homebuyers, newer homeowners, and expanded laws providing refunds for drained businesses. What’s not being reported nationally?...more

Is Bob McDonnell Bad For Women?

Okay, that's an incendiary headline, isn't it? I'm not one to enter the circular firing squad on Republicans (okay, so yes, I am, but not fresh-out-of-the-box governors who are serving as a bellweather for the Democratic agenda's chances in 2010), but there are certain issues on which I feel, as a libertarian feminist, on which I have to seek clarification, the question of whether a certain candidate actively works against the interest of women being one of them. ...more

Shannonr - I agree with everything you said in your comment.  This is a subject that I ...more

US Takes Step to Offer Political Asylum to Victims of Domestic Violence

For almost 15 years, Rody Alvarado Peña fought to stay in the United States. She fled here seeking asylum after suffering from horrific abuse at the hands of her husband. To save her life, she had to leave her two children with her parents. Her hope was that once she established herself in the US, they could join her. Instead, she found herself caught in a legal debate over whether domestic violence is a legitimate claim for asylum seekers. On October 30, 2009, The New York Times reported that the Obama administration recommended that Ms. Alvarado be granted asylum. ...more

Headed for a Healthcare Showdown?

Right now, I'm watching Democrats hemorrhage Independents in key races, most notably in Virginia. Now, normally, I'd be making conciliatory gestures, convincing myself that I have to focus on 2010, and that the races that mattered haven't happened yet. In fact, they are so far down the road, that its impossible to tell whether tonight will have any impact on them, or whether we've spent every last shred of capital we have nabbing a few races. I'll leave the election analysis to someone else, though. I'm concerned with implications. ...more

If you listened to people coming out of the polls, these elections were dealing with the ...more