Blogging and Liability Class with Lauren Gelman at State of Play Academy

At this summer's Blogher Conference, I had the opportunity to hear Lauren Gelman, Associate Director of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society,  and Dean of State of Play Academy present at the blogging communities session called, "So, You Have This Crazy Idea."  She gave us a primer on copyright and fairuse,  shared her experienced from a blogging community for law students, talked about her plans for teaching this topic on the 3-D virtual world, ...more

Lauren rocks! I hope when her class schedule slows down I can do an interview with her.more

Where are the women Supreme Court law clerks?

Is the Supreme Court of the United States guilty of sex discrimination? Law blogs are buzzing about the fact that of the 37 Supreme Court law clerks this year, only 7 are women. A Supreme Court clerkship following law school is the plum of all clerkships, and is often a free pass to any law job following the temporary clerkship. Supreme Court justices pick their own clerks, usually on the basis of academic achievement in law school. I went to Stanford Law years ago, and you couldn't have convinced me then or now that many of the women there were less worthy of a Supreme Court clerkship than their male classmates. Shame, shame on the Supremes! ...more

I couldn't agree more that the where-are-the-women question is not just about blogging. It is ...more

Soldier's Protest May Put Iraq War on Trial

Daily Briefing directs our attention to the case of Army Lt. Ehren Watada, 28, who is refusing deployment to Iraq because he maintains that the war is illegal and he is duty-bound to refuse an illegal order. Watada was charged with multiple violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice after he failed to report for duty in Iraq on June 22, 2006. The lieutenant, who enlisted in 2003, had earned commendations for his previous service. ...more

It's easy to equate all pro-military thinkers with pro-Bush thinkers and I like that Watada has ...more

Facing trial, Sonia Sanchez speaks of peace

Sonia Sanchez has urgent matters on her mind. The retired professor and renowned poet is at work on a new book, and there are myriad business details one expects that a prominent writer must attend to: invitations to speak, requests for interviews, entreaties for advice and support from less-established writers. And then there is the trial for which she must prepare. ...more

Eons ago Sonia Sanchez was a guess teacher in a poetry class that I took at TempleU. She was ...more

The road not taken: Law BlogHers show me what my life could have been

When I was a girl, my father once told me that I should become a lawyer because I loved to argue. Like Karen, I've always seen myself as more artist than advocate. However, unlike Karen, I never found out what practicing law would be like. But after reading some of BlogHer's law blogrolls, I'm beginning to get an idea of the life that could have been mine. ...more

Apple's No Blog Zone

Thousands of engineers are at the Moscone Center in San Francisco attending Apple Computer's Worldwide Developer Conference. They were greeted with this sign: ...more

Technically, you pay to get in. You have to be a member of the Apple Developer Program, and then ...more

DOPA: ''Suppose You Were An Idiot...

...And suppose you were a member of congress. But I repeat myself." Mark Twain  DOPA, which stands for, Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006,  or HR 5319,  "amend{s} the communications act of 1934 to require recipients of universal service support for schools and libraries to protect minors from commercial  social networking websites and chat rooms." The vote was 410 to 15. I think that is called a landslide. ...more

Well, I appreciate your willingness to discuss the issue...I assumed you had some connection to ...more

Are Judges Out of Touch with Community Standards?

Two offenders in a high profile rape case in Sydney have recently been resentenced, with the judge's comments drawing ire from the community at large. In 2000, a sixteen year old girl was raped by a gang of men. The main offender, Bilal Skaf, was originally sentenced to 55 years in jail - the longest sentence ever handed down by a judge in New South Wales. ...more

How Nice of the United States Senate To Require a Victim of Incest to...

get her assailant's permission first before seeking an abortion if she's a minor. The people of Mississippi must feel very relieved to know that the options for women receiving family planning has become EVEN MORE DIFFICULT. ...more

Thanks for the post. The US is getting scarier every day. It makes me really sad how far we ...more

The Voices of Iraqi Women

Heart at Women's Space/The Margins finds that Iraqi women's blogs are being invaded by hostile American commenters in "'All Iraq Was Kidnapped': Voices of Iraqi Women": ...more