Better late than never: White collar crime now seen for what it is--A Crime

Jory Des Jardins also blogs at Pause. Recently a friend of mine, a freelance sound engineer, had his equipment ripped off; it wasn't cheap. You could argue that the jerk who broke into his parked car and stole it also stole my friend's livelihood. The perp is a thief and deserves to be prosecuted. ...more

And my husband was a broker, partnered with another broker who had more than 25 years in the ...more

MySpace lawsuit sparks new safety rules for teens, but questions remain

The family of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by a man she met on MySpace is suing for $30 million dollars in damages, charging that the social networking giant should have done more to protect minors from online predators. The company has added new security features as a response, but experts and users alike are skeptical that the measures will those who lie in order to get access to potential teen victims. ...more

To me i take responsibility to look after my own children because if there is no myspace there ...more

Supreme Court Deals Blow (literally) to Fourth Amendment

Well, that's debatable, but last week the High Court handed down a decision in the case Hudson v. Michigan, which has legal scholars (and bloggers) buzzing about the implications for other 4th Amendment protections. ...more

The police are not just entering your home unannounced and fishing for a reason to arrest you. ...more

Lawyers can be funny. BlogHers have evidence!

“Funny lawyers� might seem an oxymoron, like the old canards, “military intelligence,� or “honest politicians.� But BlogHers’ Legal Eagles keep a sharp eye out for tomfoolery among barristers. ...more

Oh Baby: The boom in pregnancy lawsuits

In 1997 acress Tylo Hunter won a $5 million lawsuit against TV producer Aaron Spelling for pregnancy discrimination. At the time of her victory she said, "I was attacked on every side. People were telling me I would never make it, that I was hurting my career. But I came through all of it" said Tylo, following the verdict, which she pronounced as a victory "for every woman, for every child that's not born." ...more

I am happy, I am pregnant, I wish to share the pleasure with all.

Estate Tax vote latest "red-meat" issue to go down in Senate

Yet another conservative "red-meat" proposal failed in the US Senate today, on another close vote -- a cut in the federal estate tax. ...more

The opposition to the repeal of the estate tax isn't a simple liberal/conservative split. Some ...more

The Legality of US Propaganda

Some may remember back to about a year ago when a small scandal hit the airwaves when it was revealed that the Bush administration was paying journalists to plant false stories about the war effort (and America in general) over in Iraq. In other words, "propaganda." ...more

I appreciate your in-depth commentary, as a former Wall Stret Journal reporter who ...more

Law BlogHers on the Battle Over Warrantless Surveillance: A Crisis or Plain Politics?

According to Ann Althouse, the confirmation of Gen. Michael Hayden as CIA director means that critics of the National Security Agency's warrantless surveillance program don't really object to it. After all, as director of the National Security Agency, Gen. Hayden was the program's chief architect and defender. Besides, Althouse argues: ...more

Hey Stacy,
A few days ago, I watched Sen. Specter (R-PA) questioning a Justice Dept. official ...more

The Business Confessional is open!

Is going to the supply closet and taking stuff home an unethical act? Does it depend on the amount you take? Would one pencil be okay, but a box of pens stealing? ...more

The Patriot Act vs. The First Amendment

And who is winning? The Patriot Act by a wide margin. As everyone by now knows, our National Security Agency (NSA) has been taking part in spying activities without warrants and which tend to cast a much larger net than the Bush administration originally acknowledged. The Bush administration refers to the program as "The Terrorist Surveillance Program" but the problem, legally at least, is that millions of Americans with no known or suspected ties to terrorism have been caught up in the governments vast data mining operation by using private companies like AT&T, Bell South etc. to listen in on private phone calls en masse. ...more

One of the problems is that the Justice Dept. has a clear conflict of interest- when the NSA ...more