Transgender Rights, The Supreme's Fear of Cameras and Views on the Death Penalty

Lots of good stuff in the legal blogosphere this week and as politics and law tend to overlap (or collide,depending on how you look at it), there is always a treasure trove of subjects which the media attempt to distill and legal bloggers try to interpret. ...more

Mark Anthony Neal on rape, race and the culture of masculinity

Scholar and writer Mark Anthony Neal has been a tireless black feminist advocate for years now, urging a critical examination of the ways in which racism, classism and patriarchy pervert our culture, perpetuate violence, and particularly, degrade the quality of African American life. In recent weeks, Neal, an Associate Professor in the African and African American Studies department at Duke University, has been part of a group of thinkers who are trying to deepen the dialogue surrounding rape allegations ...more

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White House in the Legal Hot-Seat?

Yes, they are actually. The Scooter Libby/Plamegate case has heated up in the last week, as special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald filed pleadings that seem to implicate the Executive Branch in the scandal. This raises a couple of important questions, tantamount among them is whether the President and/or Vice President lied to the prosecutor when they were originally questioned by him about their knowledge of the leak of the identity of covert CIA operative, Valerie Plame Wilson. ...more

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it really is astounding to see some of the parallels with 1974. ...more

Power, Rape & Anger in NZ

Contributing Editor Jules also blogs at DragonGirl. A high-profile rape case in New Zealand has just come to conclusion with a Not Guilty verdict. I have been following it in the blogosphere since a lot of NZ bloggers mention it in posts, but didn't really piece the whole story together until I read a post by Maia at Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty, who blogs about the crime, the trial, and the reaction after the verdict. ...more

How About a Day With MANY Mexicans?

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of undocumented workers in this country, I trust that every one of you believes there needs to be a productive solution in this manner. That is why this post is to ask for your participation on this immigration reform debate. ...more

in that I clicked over here from Race & Ethnicity. I didn't find it at all surprising or ...more

One of my students is missing

You may have seen news coverage of the March 25 disappearance of John Fiocco,Jr., a freshman art major at The College of New Jersey. While police say that the investigation is still a missing persons case, the discovery of Fiocco's blood in a dumpster outside of his dormitory last week has led them to focus their search on two Pennsylvania landfills where The College's refuse is hauled. A $7,000 award is being offered for information in the case: ...more

Yes, they have found John's body, and now there is a more

Breaking News: Moussaoui Found Eligible For Death Penalty

Mintues ago a jury found alleged 9/11 co-conspirator Zacharias Moussaoui eligible for the death penalty and thus the trial can move forward. I blogged on this case earlier(see law section) and that post provides some background to the issues in the case. ...more

Race and Rape at Duke University

Picking up on Liza's post below, I was just about to e-mail BlogHim Duke University professor Mark Anthony Neal for his take on the recent charges of rape and racism at the university, when he sent me this clip from a local public radio show at UNC Chapel Hill. ...more

I'll weigh in on this later today on badgerbag! Thanks for covering ...more

Government Fumbles Moussaoui Case

The Moussaoui case has been in the news a lot recently, much to the chagrin of the federal government. This case has been controversial since day one. It involves the alleged 9/11 co-conspirator, Zacharias Moussaoui. The government's case hinges on a problematic legal theory- mainly, that Moussaoui is directly responsible for the 3,000 deaths on September 11th. The problematic part is that Moussaoui was actually in a federal jail on September 11th and in a death penalty case, both judges and juries are not fans of such attenuated reasoning. ...more

It's sad because I remain convinced that there are many very competant people working for the ...more

Former Justice O'Connor Warns of Dictatorship

In a speech at Georgetown University last week, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor warned that some Republican leaders' efforts to reign in the judiciary, left unchecked, could lead the US into dictatorship. ...more

Exactly professor. This particular women's decision to sound this alarm is extraordinary on its ...more