Around the Dial: "And so it begins..." The Supreme Court will review a late-term abortion procedure - Part 1

This three-part series will cover the response to the latest political news that the Supreme Court will review the constitutionality of banning a late-term abortion procedure. A mix of well-known and not so well-known feminist blogs will be included. Shakespeare's Sister, And so it begins...: "The big question, of course, is what is the point of ramming through this legislation without a provision that allows it in cases where the mother's life it as risk? And the obvious answer is that anti-choicers don't trust women and their doctors to make that decision honestly-a position which pulls back the curtain on their 'pro-life' Emerald City and reveals the contempt for life they actually have, in spite of their claims to the contrary. Only a person who has no respect whatsoever for human life could assume that women would invoke this rationale to terminate a pregnancy for no good reason, that expectant mothers who carry a pregnancy nearly to term would suddenly and randomly change their minds, with as much forethought as one might give to rearranging the living room furniture." ...more

You're welcome Suzanne. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts, especially as someone ...more

Walmart Forced to Stock Emergency Contraception in MA

Walmart has been put on notice that it needs to start stocking emergency contraception (also known as 'Plan B') in all of it's Massachusetts stores which offer pharmacy services. Until now, Walmart only offered emergency contraception in it's Illinois stores and only because just as in MA, it was required under law to start doing so. ...more

Target Sued Over Inaccessible Site

Emily of Emily's World points us to a blog post about a lawsuit filed against Target over an inaccessible web site.    "A blind UC Berkeley student has filed a class-action lawsuit against Target Corp., saying the retailer is committing civil-rights violations because its web site is inaccessible to those who cannot see. "  She is wondering what people think about this case? ...more

Cheney Speaks Out About Shooting

The shooting/hunting incident involving Dick Cheney continues to be the story of the day, helped along by the fact that the Vice President decided to break his much-ridiculed silence and grant an exclusive [pre-taped] interview to Fox News' Brit Hume. ...more

Some blogs are really going into CSI mode and trying to figure out the missing pieces of the ...more

Wal-Mart MA to stock emergency contraception

Wal-Mart stores in Massachusetts must stock emergency contraception. Why? Because it's state policy. Jessica Valenti at posts this breaking news: ...more

About those cartoons

A wise colleague of mine once said, "Reading is about worlds, not words." That's certainly true of images as well, as the ongoing controversy over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad demonstrates. ...more

well written perspective.

This issue creates a dilemma, walking the line between freedom of ...more

Is it time for Dick Cheney to get a lawyer?

It could be about that time. The CIA leak investigation continues and while the media has not been covering it for a while, it popped back into the national consciousness this week after a flurry of court filings that seemed to hint (in a subtle-as-a sledgehammer-type way) that Scooter Libby, the Vice President's indicted top aide, may be pointing the finger at Cheney and other higher-ups in the administration, saying that Cheney "authorized" the classified disclosures at issue. Adding to the speculation is the fact that Libby has a new member of his defense team- none other than the former lawyer for Oliver North of Iran-Contra fame, Joe Cline. ...more

First Woman Elected President of the International Court of Justice

Feminist Law Professors alerts us to a well-deserved promotion that took place just yesterday- Judge Rosalyn Higgins (UK) was elected as President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague- but not only is she the first woman President of the Court, but she was also the first woman member when she was placed on the Court in 1995 (and still serves as the only woman on the ICJ). ...more

Live Blogging Mrs. King's funeral -- I couldn't help myself

Live coverage is here, along with a great package of intimate family recollections. ...more

Can I just say I'm glad you did live blog it. I didn't watch. I worked instead. I should have ...more

NSA Wiretapping Hearings Begin Today

The NSA wiretapping hearings begin today and they are being covered by C-SPAN (naturally). Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will be the primary witness appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee today and there are quite a few blogs out there planning to cover the hearings. ...more