Reflecting on the Life of Coretta Scott King

The tributes have been pouring in all day for Mrs. Coretta Scott King, who died overnight at the age of 78. News industry blogger Richard Prince noted that Mrs. King's death attracted considerable mainstream news attention, even though it competed with other matters of national import -- namely, the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and President Bush's impending State of the Union address. ...more

You're welcome. And I can relate to the struggle to find words. I think that what is striking ...more

Anina: The Importance of Being Supported

Yesterday, mobilejones surfaced a story about a "geek model," Anina, who was given an ultimatum by her modeling agency, Slides, to choose between fashion and technology. ...more

There's also the issue of what they are blogging about...and who they are in the heirarchy of ...more

To Blog or not to Blog: when your employer decides

Anina whose star has been rising on the mobile technology conference circuit through 2005 receives an ultimatum from her modeling agency. "Choose modeling or technology, because you can't do both." ...more

Opinionistas Gets Dooced -Actually she dooced herself

One of the challenges of writing about business culture is that if you write about it from the inside,there is a good chance that you'll be Dooced -- a term coined by Heather B. Armstrong after she lost her job for blogging. ...more

I guess this is a big issue for a lot of folks, and not just those who blog about work, but for ...more

Stacy's Sunday Legal Blog Round-Up

It goes without saying there are some great women's legal blogs out there, so here is just a small Sunday sampling (I'll be doing this a couple of times a week). At times, the blogs will touch on not only law, but politics, current events and even media and journalism because those issues necessarily overlap at times. ...more

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Church and State, Slovakian Style

Slovakia has recently drafted a treaty with the vatican (a concordat)that "would allow hospital staff to refuse to do abortions or fertility treatment on religious grounds." (BBC News) The EU's stance on this: "It is important the exercise of this right does not conflict with the rights of others, including the right of all women to receive certain medical services or counselling without any discrimination." (EU Observer) ...more

Around the Dial: The gender wage gap

Another helping of what's going on around the dial. This post's theme: the gender wage gap. Cruella-blog examines a piece in The Guardian “Here we go again. Yes poor unfortunate men just can't get a job in accountancy any more.” Dripping with sympathy, she is not! Echidne of the Snakes has written an ambitious three-part series on the gender gap in earnings. She prefaces Part I (Theories), "It turns out that I can't write about this topic except in the academic style. My apologies for that." No need for apologies, Echidne, you produced a fine series. See Part II (Empirical Evidence) and Part III (Addressing the Wingnuts). ...more

Around the BlogHer Law Blogs

At, guest blogger Shay Riley notes that Senators on both sides of the aisle were right to skewer the Bush Administration for not responding more aggressively in 2004 to warning signs that the Gulf Region was not ready for a severe hurricane. But, she argues, Louisiana's state and local governments deserve criticism too. Feminist Law Professors draws our attention to a new analysis on the wage gap between men and women, as well as the continuing under-representation of women firefighters. Legacy Matters notes that more people are having their remains frozen, and leaving money to themselves in their will for when they are revived. Lisa Stone praises fellow legal blogger Carolyn Elfant for her ringing defense of Ohio firms offering cut-rate legal services. On Surfette, Stone takes a rare public stand. ...more

"Your Silence Will Not Protect You"- Audre Lourde

Great re-cap Kim! Looking forward ...more


Hello all. I am excited to be a part of Blogher and this new site (which is fantastic, btw). I will be covering (as an assistant editor) Law and the Supreme Court- and a bit of politics and news from time to time. ...more

I happen to be one of those people that looks like other people- when I am in a store or really ...more


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