Everyone Needs a Little Clarity

The election seems like ages ago. Ah, how fondly I remember it: SNL sketches, terrible suits, embarassing debates, promises made that would never be kept. Especially when it comes to the latter, haunting memories of those long days and nights aren't something we want to relive again and again and again. But, there are some things that just won't die, and for the Obama administration, its those sneaky little campaign promises that seem to be coming back to haunt him. ...more

Because Obama is half black, his supporters readily denounce anyone who doesn't agree with ...more

What?! You Forgot to Credit My Blog!?

Dearest, darlingest, G.P. Putnam,Right now I am so upset that my hands are shaking. My mind is racing, my heart is pounding. I can hardly type.On the one hand, I am flattered, G.P.! Flattered that author Debra Ollivier chose to excerpt my blog in her soon-to-be published-by-you book What French Women Know. On the other hand I am having a heck of a time calming myself down. Pacing. Rattled. Why? ...more

How this turns out. Keep us informed.

Virginia DeBolt

Michael Jackson's Death Ruled a Homicide

Michael Jackson's death was not simply a drug overdose but a homicide, says the Los Angeles coroner's office. News broke this afternoon that the LAPD issued a warrant for Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, today. Legal experts and journalists say official charges are the next step. ...more

Tresha, I think your comment is on point for the higher lesson we should learn from MJ's ...more

How Brava mades "Mangu" While talking about the Health care Reform

Hi Every one, my name is "BRAVA"; I want to take this opportunity to talk about diferent subjects, while I  give you recipes from my beautiful country Dominican Republic....First I want to tell everyone, please get informed,do not believe everything you see on TV (fox,mtv,etc.) or listen on the Radio ...Fact check everything...The new Healthcare Reform would help all americans, including the ones that are currently insured;The President must Pass a Bill that include a public option; which means a better coverage for all citizens of this land...Read do not ...more

Healther Skelter: The Intimidation Won't Work

Okay, so we're currently living in a climate of fear. I personally understand that I will be audited by the IRS next year because there's no chance someone didn't report me to flag@whitehouse.gov, but at least I know I'll be in good company. Thank God for H&R Block, though. ...more

Website of the Week: Women for Parity (psst--Good News!)

"We want all, but we'll take half," is one of the inimitable Bella Abzug's mantras. It's also on the masthead of a website I commend to you, called Women for Parity, my first Website of the Week. ...more



Raped at a Marriott in Front of Your Toddlers? Too Bad, Slacker.

Editor's Update: Marriott says, "It was a mistake to suggest that the victim of this tragic incident was responsible for the vicious crime against her." This story was updated on BlogHer with Marriott's response early Wednesday morning and with additional updates in the comment section August 20. You may read the update at BlogHer here. ...more

Marriott calls the language a "mistake." and has ...more

The Other Side of Safety.

There are many times when my daughter and I talk about why I ask her to check in a few times on the nights that she is out with her friends. Even while she is at camp I look forward to a random text or a call letting me know she is okay. She has always been okay, and for that I am fortunate. I begrudgingly let her out of my sight. I know in my heart that she will be fine, but I always worry that something will happen. ...more

Canadian Woman Stranded in Nairobi....Because of Her Lips?

Let me first say this: I sincerely hope that Suaad Hagi Mohamud sues the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for every penny they have. Granted, it might not end up to be a lot of money, but for what this Kenyan-born Canadian citizen went through, monetary retribution should be demanded. ...more

I don't know what else to say except that this one of the craziest stories I've heard. Sadly, ...more