"Don't Ask Don't Tell" Policy Moving Toward a Congressional Vote

Separate initiatives by the House and Senate make it likely that the 16-year-old policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" which bars homosexual people from serving openly in the US Armed Forces, will come to a vote sometime this fall. The policy, first imposed by Pres. Clinton and Congress in 1993, allows gays and lesbians to serve as long as they remain closeted. Since its imposition, more than 13,000 service people have been separated from the service because of their sexual orientation, and the policy has come under increasing fire, even from high-ranking retired military leaders and former Pres. Clinton himself. ...more

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Arrest, Apology Demand, and Reflection of Henry Louis Gates Jr.

America entered the new year knowing it had elected the first African-American president but also seeing video of a white BART police officer shooting Oscar Grant, an Africa-American, in the back, killing him as another officer pinned him to the ground. In May, on YouTube, the world watched a black EMT being choked by a white Oklahoma state trooper against the EMT's ambulance while a patient awaited transport to the hospital inside. ...more

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The people of these ...more

Linda Chavez Blasts Sonia Sotomayor

Linda Chavez, Chairman of the Center for Equal Opportunity, was asked to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee during Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearing. The first Latina ever nominated the the United States cabinet (under Reagan) had some sobering words for the ambitious Sotomayor in her recent Townhall column: My message today is straightforward. ...more

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White Swim Club Invites Black and Hispanic Children Back But Parents Say Lawsuit

A white swim club voted on Monday, July 13, to ask the black and Hispanic children that members kicked out to come back to the pool. Last week the Internet roiled with outrage at the Valley Swim Club of Huntington Valley, Pa., after its members ousted the young campers. Some people were flabbergasted that its president spoke freely saying the children's presence would "change the complexion of the club." ...more

I think it's terribly sad that these segregated places still exist. I don't know if I would want ...more

Sonia Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearings:Political Theater At Its Finest

If nomination hearings are political theater, then a Supreme Court nomination hearing must rank as Capitol Hill's version of Broadway (or at times, the Met.) In that context, Judge Sonia Sotomayor's star turn ranks as one of the most highly-anticipated debuts in American political history. ...more

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Obama's Visit to Ghana Sparks Celebrations, Unanswered Questions

At the end of a week-long tour that included meetings with Russian leaders, attending the G8 Summit and an audience with Pope Benedict, Pres. Barack Obama generated both excitement and sharp questions with an overnight stop in Ghana and a speech to that country's Parliament. While the speech did not attract the attention of his so-called speech to the Muslim world earlier this year, the importance of US policy toward Africa is difficult to overstate. ...more

Arizona State and others sued by National Federation of the Blind over Kindle DX use

A couple of months ago, I reported in Author Rights vs. Disability Rights about a lawsuit brought by the Authors Guild to prevent Amazon from allowing the Kindle 2's text to speech function unless compensation was given to the book's authors. ...more

Sally Hemings and Independence Day

As I wrote my post on Abigail Adams, patriotism, and feminism last Thursday, it reminded me of another reason why I don't fall all over myself to celebrate "independence" day. Back in March, I heard Annette Gordon-Reed, author of The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family, read from the book and talk about law. Hands down, it was the best lit event I attended as part of my MFA program, if not ever. ...more

If you're interested in reading more about Annette Gordon-Reed, we've got a number of posts, ...more

45 Years Later, the 1964 Civil Rights Act Still Stirs Debate

This past July 2 marked the 45th anniversary of the passage of the landmark Ciivil Rights Act of 1964, a measure that broke the back of Jim Crow law and laid the groundwork for a generation of legal, policy and education efforts to end discrimination. While the law's initial scope focused on discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion and national origin, it gave impetus to subsequent laws and policies attacking bias on the basis of disability, age, veteran status, and in some states, sexual orientation and gender identity. ...more

Jury Overruled! MySpace Mom Acquitted of All Charges

My MySpace profile lists my age as 90. I did this at some point in 2005 to avoid the amount of messages I was receiving from men using the site to find prospective dates. This is my choice, and one that worked very well for me, even if I was, in fact, in direct violation of MySpace's terms of service, which state that all users must submit “truthful and accurate” information about themselves. ...more

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