LifeWater: Personal philosophies on dance and why I do it

Life-water: Personal philosophies on dance and why I do it By Danielle M. White Utah Valley University “A day I don't dance is a day I don't live.” – Wendy Buonaventura, Serpent of the Nile Introduction: This paper is divided into two interrelated sections. Part one is an overview of my philosophies regarding dance – particularly Ballet. And part two explores how Ballet has affected me personally, and the reasons why I do it. ...more

Harlequin Gets in the Self-Publishing Game

Vivian Simone strode into Writers' Alley Coffee House as though she owned it plus the bar next door. Heads turned. Neither the men nor the women could stop themselves from watching her. Their eyes traveled from her dark chestnut waves to the soft lines of her collar bone down to her shapely legs and beautiful feet. ...more

I'm one of those people who's told you to quit yer whining and write yer novel. :-) Your ...more

A Writer’s Check List for Finished Written Work


7 Nonfiction Book Marketing Traps to Avoid

The year I won the San Francisco Writer’s Conference pitch conference, I had just gained some really valuable information in a morning session. (I mentioned this in an earlier WNFiN post.)  The session was taught by writing-career-coach Teresa LeYung Ryan and public relations/marketing consultant Elisa Southard....more

Combing Sedna's Hair

My previous post referred to the Inuit story of Takannaaluk, an powerful figure in Inuit legend.  This was my excuse to learn more about Inuit stories, and to do a Takannaluk - inspired drawing, as you can see.  Takannaluk can be translated as "the terrible woman down there" or "the great one below".    She has many other names but is best known as Sedna, so that is what I will call her....more