Unexpected Fun

We're use to traveling on long road trips and usually equip ourselves accordingly with a road atlas, food and beverage, CD's, DVD's and any other digital device that our two, lovely offspring have suckered us into purchasing over the years. ...more


I'm a commitment-phobe; perhaps a recovering commitment-phobe. In fact, I was secretly doing the "giving thing" for a while before I decided to finally commit to the whole concept and do an official 29 Gifts Round. I figured it would be good conversation for my book club....more

My Secret Valentine

My Secret Valentine ...more

A Passion for Posting

I'm still trying to decide what my little blog is going to be when it grows up and must admit that the journey is somewhat addicting. I can honestly say that I have been bitten by the blog bug. I come home from work in the evening and can't wait to check my blog for comments, new followers and plan a post. Blogging is keeping me up at night, but in a good way. ...more

I Am 50, and the Angels Still Sing

Today, my son, 19, returned home from classes at the University of New Orleans, bounded into my bedroom where I was working and said, "So, tomorrow, you'll be over the hill." I said, "What do you mean? I'm already over the hill." And I laughed. He said, "Mom, haven't you heard that 50 is the new 40? Everybody knows that the half-way point makes you over the hill." ...more

I need this kind of boost, LoveBabz. Thank you. :-)


Julie, Julia, and me

When I read Julie & Julia as my in-air entertainment last October, it resonated with me in a way I hadn't expected. I thought it would be fun to learn more about The Julie/Julia Project, but I didn't think I'd necessarily take anything away from it. ...more

Harriet’s Voice: A Writer and Her Inhabitation

by Karen Jones Meadowsfrom On The Issues MagazineAs a child I learned of Harriet Tubman, icon of the anti-enslavement movement, and the most celebrated “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, a network of diverse citizens in the U.S. and abroad who ushered enslaved people to safe states and countries. I had no idea Harriet Tubman would become an intricate and intimate fixture in my world, leading, sometimes dragging me, into successive levels of life and creativity....more

Our Sex Lives: One Response | Women's Voices For Change

Another pre-Valentine's Day blip: a note for the editors of Our Bodies, Ourselves, whose query about women's sex lives we posted last week. We were delighted at the good news the writer reports, though due to the delicate nature of the subject she has chosen to remain anonymous....more

Following your dream...

No matter where it takes you is always the best way to go!  We grow every day now with confidence and satisfaction that we are finally exactly where we are suppose to be in our lives. Kimberly Peterson Freelance Writer, Photographer, Entrepreneur & Jack of All Trades Kimberly@hittheroadjackenterprises.com Visit our website at www.hittheroadjackenterprises.com or our blog at http://hittheroadjackonawingandaprayer.blogspot.com/ Liv...more