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Sick December 31st 2009 ...more

Telling It Like It Is or Blogging for MidChix

Chief Chick

The Healing Power of Memoir

I stood before the strangers in the audience feeling shaky but prepared to take the risk to read aloud a very private, emotional story from my life.  ...more

Happy is Hard

It’s hard to stay the course and true North when a Category 5 hurricane hits home! Let’s call it Mother. I’m bobbing and weaving, bobbing and weaving. Avoiding landmines in the living room and booby traps at the dinner table… And as if that weren’t hard enough, I started a whole body detox?...more

While You Were Out....

About 6 years ago, we arrived home from a summer vacation, and after unloading luggage, kids and remnants of a 12-hour road trip from the mini-van, I pushed the button on our message machine to listen to snippets of what we may have missed, and who missed us, while we were away.  There were the usual messages from family members who had forgotten...more

Childfree and "Pro" Creation

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the popular Eat Pray Love, has a new book out, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage. Like the couple on I wrote about in my last post on Dr. Phil, in Committed Gilbert speaks to her genuine lack of desire to have a child: ” … while the vague idea of motherhood had always seemed natural to me, the reality … only filled me with dread and sorrow. As I got older, I discovered that nothing within me cried out for a baby. My womb did not seem to have come equipped with that famously ticking clock. Unlike so many of my friends, I did not ache with longing whenever I saw an infant. (Though I did ache with longing, it is true, whenever I saw a good used-book shop.)” For many childfree writers and artists, their creative endeavors are their act of creation, and they are devoted to that creation. As Gilbert says, “… as I aged, I discovered that I loved my work as a writer more and more, and I didn’t want to give up even an hour of that communion.”   You could say that in this way that many childfree are “pro” creation, just not participating in reproduction as their act of creation. The fact is there are many ways to leave a legacy.   ...more

What does “character” mean anyway? Amy Bloom has some thoughts.

Too many public apologies lately. Too many explanations and excuses, and many of them include some variation on this theme: “I wasn’t acting like myself. That was out of character for me....more

Mommy and Daddy's wedding weekend

Wedding weekendDecember 16th 2009 7:49 am ...more

Master Electrician

The other morning while I was upstairs filing bills, my husband – from now on referred to as Hubba Hubba – asked if I had disconnected the computer. Apparently, he was unable to access his laptop’s server in the southern region of our house. I checked my desktop, and the little green power light burned amber; a sign for system-gone-kaput. ...more

SONNET: To the Guy Who "Shared" My Table at Starbucks Yesterday

Everyday Shakespeare To the Guy Who “Shared” My Table at Starbucks Yesterday Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?Sure. Even though it’s winter and snowingYou feel suffocating hot anyway. Look, a free table! But you ain’t going ...more

That was great.

But this guy ? Not so great. I hope you have better table partners in ...more