1 Brother, 2 Neighbors and a Partridge in a Pear Tree...???

Before I go any further with my blogging, I think you need to know something about me... I have  never once... in my entire life... referred to myself as a writer....more

Rev My Search Engine

With Google™, additional knowledge is a few keystrokes away. ...more

How I Pet My Mother

It is clearly written in the Canine Code of Conduct that there only two acceptable responses to Mortal Enemy Number Two (postman, of course, being Enemy Number One). When faced with The Dreaded Vacuum Cleaner, the rules state clearly; fight or flight. Kill it, or avoid it. These responses have evolved over thousands of years, all the way back to Cro-Magnon woman (let’s face it; if Cro-Magnon man was dragging her around by the hair, you know he wasn’t doing much of the cavework). Prehistoric pooch learned to head for high ground when the missus grabbed that cute baby Mammoth by the back legs and Swiffered him back and forth over the saber-toothed tiger rug, trunk first, a la the Flintstones. This may or may not have actually happened on the Flintstones and if it didn’t, obviously I should’ve been on the writing staff. Once, when Cro-dog sensed a particularly weak baby Wooly and moved in for the kill before he could think better of it, Cro-Maggie was forced to abort her Saturday morning cleaning routine. Success was limited, though, because the attack made quite a bloody mess, requiring the rug to be tossed out and a new baby Mammoth to be acquired by Papa Cro, who smacked CRo-ver in the butt with a rolled-up New York Times (they don’t call it a ‘dinosaur’ for nothing) and sent him to bed without no Stegosaurus burger. Buddy v. Bissell and Daisy v. Dyson are rare but inspiring cases of modern-day triumph in the epic battle of dog and machine, but dogs are generally not a litigious bunch. Most often, they choose not to stray from the Code of Conduct that, again, clearly states one is either to fight or take flight from all manner of noisy suckage. In a typical household, when faced with The Appliance Who Shall Not Be Named, the dog will either run for cover immediately or do so after first staging some level of muzzle-saving protest including growling, biting, lunging, teeth barring, and the occasional chasing of the cord. In a typical household.To which, I respond…why can’t I live in a typical household? Big Sissy has obviously not read the Canine Code to her illiterate baby brother. We know that The Big One is illiterate because, despite all manner of signage, he continues to drink from the toilet. If the one titled “List of Ingredients” didn’t stop him, by God, the boy just can’t read. Then again, given his tastes, maybe he thought that was a menu. Yes, The Big One, aka Jordan, The Dumb One, Woobie, or The One Who Will Do Anything (N.E.THING!) for a Kraft Single, is among many other things a toilet drinker. And, of course, a face-licker....more

First 100 Days of Blogging

For almost two years I told everyone (and myself) I would start a blog. I saved articles and bought books about blogging, but it seemed too big a commitment to take on.  ...more

The writer as migrant, countries as characters and the voyage to Ithaka

Whenever I'm out and about, meeting new people from another country, I find myself 'interviewing' them because I'm curious, but my antenna is most attuned when the word 'tribe' enters the conversation. Possibly because I've so little desire to be a part of one. Whether this item was engineered long before my journey began, or at which stage it became the most glaringly apparent, no matter, it's simply and verily true. The burning question resides in whether or not I ever felt like I belonged to one in the first place....more


I am crabby and grouchy. The stop and go traffic makes me rethink my plan to hit the library during the crush of rush hour. Several drivers inch their cars ahead and nose to the left to get around the slow right lane. But each is deterred progress by vehicles preceding it, vying for the left turn lane. Stop and go becomes Stop....more

guilt should be a four letter word

Oy is it 2010 Already?


Hi Brie,

Thanks for commenting. Sorry I'm still trying to navigate blogher. Anyway, ...more

Are you an Active Listener?

Are you the type who interrupts before someone has finished speaking?...more

Just learning

So I am new to this site and I am learning.  So a little about me, well, I've been married since I was almost 19, one month before.  It was a pretty quick decision to marry my husband but it was the best decision, except for becoming reborn.  I have two absolutely wonderful little boys, Aiden and Josiah.  I cannot imagine life without there smiles and "back rubs."  My son Aiden is a chatter-box and is always telling me what he is doing or asking me questions about everything.  I love to read, write, and watch classic movies.  I am a huge fan of 19th centur...more