Are you an Active Listener?

Are you the type who interrupts before someone has finished speaking?...more

Just learning

So I am new to this site and I am learning.  So a little about me, well, I've been married since I was almost 19, one month before.  It was a pretty quick decision to marry my husband but it was the best decision, except for becoming reborn.  I have two absolutely wonderful little boys, Aiden and Josiah.  I cannot imagine life without there smiles and "back rubs."  My son Aiden is a chatter-box and is always telling me what he is doing or asking me questions about everything.  I love to read, write, and watch classic movies.  I am a huge fan of 19th centur...more

Comfort Food


Why blog????

I have had several friends ask - "Why in the world would YOU blog?" I know I didn't jump on the bandwagon when blogging got its glorious start. But, I am usually like that anyway - I take my time and make sure that it is something that I want to do - and will be able to do. But still - why would I want to blog - it's not like I don't have 6 reasons running around to occupy my time. Well, really there are plenty of reasons to blog......more

Mary Ann, Claudia, Stacy and Kristy

It's baaaaack....more

I wrote about the comeback too and had to regretfully admit that I was more like Mary Ann (I ...more

Dear Mr. Harry Reid...

Dear Mr. Reid,The comments you made were despicable and dishonorable.  To refer to Mr. Obama as having a better chance of winning the election, because he could basically stop sounding "Negro" at will is simply unbelievable. ...more

I'm back

I wear a lot of hats like most of the women I know. But when my son was born last year my first time mom hat took over and blogging took a back seat. I feared spending too much time online because of the possibility of missing those beautiful moments off.  But after some time, I began to miss it.  I missed weighing in on the issues that are important to me and those that are simply matters of frivolity. And really, I came to see being a mom as manageable and not the  big scary world everyone had been warning me it was....more

Real Live Writer

Playgrounds ...more

Poetry Friday: Snow | Women's Voices For Change

This week our January Poet-in-Residence, Lisa Russ Spaar, the much-published and much-honored winner of the 2009 Library of Virginia Award for Poetry and Director of the program in poetry writing at the University of Virginia, examines the winter sky within and outside us all....more