Faculty self-interest trumps collegiality at the University of California

In a letter that has made jaws drop throughout the University of California system and in colleges and universities around the country, a group of 23 University of California, San Diego department chairs have called on the UC to--among other things--sacrifice campuses, specifically UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Riverside, that value teaching as well as research. ...more

In Connecticut, we are having a similar budget debate. Legislators are talking about ...more

Will there be women among the faculty of 2029?

Yes, women will be among the faculty of 2029--but the question is really which faculty, and what will their labor look like? Last week, The Chronicle of Higher Education asked several college and university faculty and administrators to prognosticate about the shape of higher education institutions and their faculties 20 years from now. The answers varied, and depending on each writer's perspective, were hopeful or dystopian. ...more

Coaching Up Your Conference Skills; What I Learned from BlogHer '05, '06, '07 and '08

I got the jits, as in jitters. I know better but I'm starting to get the "What do you mean I'm meeting 1,400 plus people? What am I suppose to do and say and not say…" and the screaming Mee-Mees are in full gallop. After laying off the ice tea and other forms of caffeine I have some answers. As always I have to start with what I know.  So, in the order of each prior conference location here are some ideas on how you and I can cool our jets and make the most of any convention. BlogHer '05: Santa Clarita (Correction: Santa Clara) Lessons ...more

You aren't going to have problems getting those rascals to talk to you.

If you hear my jaws ...more

For the love of Music

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."-Ludwig Van Beethoven..   ...more

Ethnographers That Record A Changing World

Shi Pei Pu died July 2, 2009. If you boil the story down to the essentials this is a story about a man who pretended to be a woman who fooled another man into loving him. He was the real life person that inspired the play and the movie "M Butterfly." Ethnographically speaking, it is a journey into many lands where I am an outsider trying to understand. ...more

I finished the memoir, Crabcakes, by Jame Alan McPherson.  He has several chapters ...more

Science Medley--Now with Reasons to Keep Your Gray Hair

It's time once again for another edition of science medley, your resource for cocktail party conversation fodder, blog posts by women of science, and--this month--one reason to embrace your gray. Yes, you read that correctly. Over at the Beauty Brains, you can learn why gray hair is good. In a nutshell: ...more

Once I died my hair as well to show that I was still young at heart and could still think ...more

Should students feel the brunt of university budget cuts?

I opened my local newspaper this morning to find faculty opining that any cuts to their salaries should be reflected as reduced time spent in the classroom. For example, the article quotes Professor Keith Watenpaugh of the University of California, Davis religious studies department: ...more


How to Help Save Ohio Libraries

If any of you are book lovers or authors, this news of library funding cuts will break your heart, just as it did mine, but we can all do our part to save Ohio libraries! ...more

Scientists and Motherhood

Any job can be complicated by pregnancy or motherhood, but scientific careers may be in their own special category. Depending on the field, you've got exposure to toxic chemicals, radiation, or all manner of microorganisms in the lab; the multitudinous dangers of field work; and the odd and sometimes exceptionally hours required of some experiments or observations in the lab and field. ...more

Science Communicators – We Need Them Desperately

Today, I want to toot the horn for science communicators, science writers and bloggers who are taking up the slack. Most people, including some women, have no interest in science. I know because if I compare the stats between my writing about science with my writing about sex, well, let’s be real. I know where folks interest are centered. So why waste my time? Here is why. You got your pseudo science, your misinterpreted science and journalists who don’t know science but scare the bejeebers out of you for ratings science. ...more

As an environmental scientist I am frequently blown away by what I would call an ...more