Campus Security Across the U.S. Needs More Transparency

This week a commission investigating the campus shootings that killed more than 30 people in April 2007 at Virginia Tech released an addendum updating an earlier report to the state's governor.  The findings reported in the 210-page document are disturbing. In the three hours between the initial killing by Seung-Hui Cho of two students in a dorm and his massacre of 30 more people in a classroom building, campus administrators made several errors that resulted in the additional fatalies....more

Teaching While Mentally Ill

Imagine trying to teach while voices in your head are telling you your students are trying to kill you.  That has been a reality for Elyn Saks, a professor of law, psychology, and psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at the University of Southern California's law school.  This week Saks published an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education documenting her personal experiences with mental illness in academia. ...more

Thanks for bringing an issue to light that's only discussed behind closed doors. This is a ...more

Things I will probably never do in Life.

My name is Stephanie Pyke, and there are things I will never do in life.   At the tender age of thirty, which is supposed to be the new twenty, but employers regard as the new sixty,  I find myself the recipient of three degrees, unemployed, close to $100,000 in school debt, married, childless and without insurance other than what is demanded by law. ...more

Miss School? You Can Listen in for Free.

There is a change in how education is being distributed, from elementary school to the college and university level. This is the time to ask yourself, "What do you want to learn?" I posed the question because there may be a free or open source education content that can fit your limited time availability, your energy and your desire to learn a subject. These are the beginning stages of an educational transformation. There is phenomenal educational content waiting for engagement. The class you need to feed your soul maybe as close as an mp3 recording or a video ready for download. ...more

iTunes U: Disruptive education--in more ways than one

Online learning has been called many things, depending on its iteration: innovative, flexible, customizable, disruptive, siloed, and disappointing.  While people have been creating informal learning networks  since the days of BBS and crafting personal learning environments since the web went 2.0, Apple has made the process of online learning considerably more convenient, thanks first to iTunes U and later the iPhone. ...more

I haven't used iTunes U, but I'm tempted to. I already have my university degrees though, and ...more

Life in an Antarctic Research Station

It is the Austral Summer. It is travel season for those making their ways to Antarctic research stations. There are a number of scientists, students and even an artist or two who have recorded their experiences. Yes, there are bloggers in Antarctica. You think you have a shaky Internet connection? Try blogging from Antarctica. Making the Journey ...more

The Lost Girls of Sudan

In my literature class at school, we read What is the What by Dave Eggers. The book is a collaboration between Valentino Achak Deng and Eggers, and capitalizes on the strengths of both men to compellingly portray the saga of one the "Lost Boys of Sudan." (Incidentally, the American Association of University Women chose it for their Adelante! Books of the Month Program.) All proceeds from the book benefit Valentino Achack Deng Foundation, which among many things, built and operates a school in Deng's hometown. The school, importantly, encourages girls to enroll. According to the website, "Currently, less than one percent of girls complete secondary school in Southern Sudan. The Foundation is raising funds to construct a boarding facility, to provide female students with a safe learning environment and an alternative to early marriage." ...more

Yesterday I was looking at horrific photos of acid attacks on Pakistani women and started ...more

Too fat for a B.A.? University adds BMI requirement for graduation

Pennsylvania's Lincoln University has instituted a requirement that first-year students who arrive on campus with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher must either lower their BMI below 30 or take a one-unit course called "Fitness for Life" in order to graduate.The Chronicle of Higher Education provides some details on the university's reasoning:...more

No, I disagree with you completely. Having to be forced to take a class because of your BMI ...more

Joe’s Journey: Stuyvesant to Princeton to Hell and Back

By Joe College Student“Anxiety and stress do not mix well. I was just not functional. I dropped out of Princeton, my dream school, and moved back home with my parents....more

Things do happen for a reason…sometimes you just have to wait…

I haven’t posted in a while. I have been incredibly busy with work and school and family-but that is not the topic of this post. I recently made a tough decision. I have decided to go a different direction in my educational career, a choice that will ultimately change my entire life....more