Seeking Biblical Scholarship over Biblical Hubris

Pastor Grizzard of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina plans to burn versions of the bible, music and other objects that are not in alignment with his church’s belief system. One of the definitions of hubris is pride of presumption. Here are the exact words copied from a cached version of the website: ...more

The NIV is translated for people to understand the bible better (less ''thou shalt'' ye'' and ...more

The only genius in Baby Einstein DVDs was in the marketing

As I type this, my four-year-old son is explaining that because it's getting dark outside, it's time to fire up the DVR and watch WordWorld, his favorite PBS show. Indeed, on many nights, if I'm grading papers, prepping for class, or just trying to steal a few minutes to focus on my own stuff, he does get to watch WordWorld. ...more

I don't think it hurts that "Avatar" is also an exceptionally good show that I enjoyed ...more

Poetry Friday: Lisa Russ Spaar

Sometimes it feels as if all the buzz in literature, especially poetry, is about youth. Who won the Yale Younger Poets Award? The XYZ Fellowship for Writers Under Thirty?...more

40 percent of American teachers need cheering

Forty percent of teachers in the U.S. are "disheartened," or so says a new study by the nonpartisan nonprofit Public Agenda and Learning Point Associates.  Among the remainder, the study says, 37 percent are "contented," while 23 percent are "idealists."...more

Elise more

In Search of Whimsy and Some Inspiration Too

For this week I want to focus on people that made me smile, gave me hope or fed my brain cells. These folks reminded me that fun, creativity and exploration are worthy things to concentrate on when you get tired of reality television or adults behaving badly. ...more

I use to have thousands of bookmarks. I've lost thousand of them too. I'd camp out at sites ...more

What causes school violence, and what are the antidotes?

School violence has been in the news frequently this past month, thanks to the beating death of honors student Derrion Albert by other teenagers and the shooting death of Trevor Varinecz by a school resource officer whom Varinecz reportedly stabbed several times....more

I don't claim to have answers to school violence, but I do notice a disturbing trend ...more

Life As We Blog It

Hey there!Are you struggling to get through life as you know it?  Have you found yourself living a life you don't remember signing up for?  Are there times you want to bash your head against the wall because the only thing in your life that's increasing is your stress and anxiety?Well, that's exactly how we feel sometimes but we're determined to take back control of our lives by reducing our stress through self discovery and good decision making....more

Hey everyone,

Please forgive me as I attempt to make sense of the this site and all of ...more

Poll: "Can everyone sing??"

I posted a poll on Facebook, asking "Do you believe that Everyone can sing?" Here are the results: 100% believe that everyone can sing. 75% believe that NOT everyone can sing ON PITCH. And we all agree that not everyone is an artist. Would you believe me when I tell you that I've found most pitch problems to be caused by improper breathing/support, and that all my clients improve in this area once they start supporting?!!! True! PLEASE ADD YOUR COMMENTS HERE ON BLOGHER! WHAT DO YOU THINK? "CAN EVERYONE SING?"...more

Shake It Like Brunhilde – The Opera Bloggers

Opera music is a lot like okra to me. it If I know it is heading my way I run in the opposite direction. I don’t like Opera music. Well, most of it anyway. If it is not wrapped in a Warner Brothers cartoon or some form of animation I suffer. Classical music, yes, rack up some Glenn Gould and I will be happy; that dude could rock the 88’s, classically speaking. ...more

I think for the right person it could be magical night. I've been to one full opera. A'int ...more

Networking For Women

As seasoned entrepreneurs, we realize that without a positive professional reputation we aren’t going to get very far. For any new entrepreneur, establishing an excellent reputation is not something that is achieved overnight. It is the product of consistently good behavior, over time, and it is earned. Whether you realize it or not, you started to lay the groundwork for your professional reputation the day you began your very first job. You began to build that reputation through your actions. A good reputation is important no matter what kind of business you have or are working toward....more