The Politics of Knowledge Production (or, how Wikipedia landed in hot water)

A couple of related controversies burst into pixillated glory like fireworks recently, and while the links may have cooled, the core issues for feminists remain current: who and what determines knowledge production? First, a little background: Wikipedia, as you may know, is an open-source online encyclopedic project. Although by no means comprehensive or definitive, it does contain useful information for the casual user. Anyone with a pc and internet access can sign up to become an editor. So far, so internet... but here come the bright lights: Shelley Powers of Burningbird noticed a distinct gender divide in the technology entries at Wikipedia, starting with herself and a male colleague. She lit the fuse with "Ladies, Wikipedia is Ours": ...more

A new comment on an old post. I started a Wikipedia for BlogHer. It's ...more

Around the Dial: Boys, education and the media

A sampling of what's happening "around the dial". The binding themes are boys and education, and the mainstream media's handling of this problematic issue. 11D notes the recent hand-wringing in the mainstream media about boys' education in "The Boys Lag Behind". She seems to support the "boys have different needs in schools" argument, drawing upon her experience with her son. ...more

Mamalogues/Mel/Anne/Denise/Everyone - I just opened a thread over in the forums called more