The F-Word (Furlough)

Universities around the country, but particularly in California, are furloughing faculty and staff for the first time in the fall. On many campuses, the furlough plans remain amorphous, with staff unions or faculty passing resolutions and university administrators countering with contradictory mandates. It's a mess. ...more

Is Public Education Socialism or Why Should I Pay For Your Child?

I double checked my copy of the Constitution from the ACLU and my copy from the Cato Institute. Education is not mentioned. There is no constitutional reason for the federal government to provide education to anybody. It is not in the Amendments either. ...more

I'm also a big public school advocate. (went to them, taught in them, have a kid in them.) It ...more

Pandemic planning could boost online education

Colleges and universities across the U.S. are readying themselves for a pandemic caused by the H1N1 flu virus. Or, rather, in the words of administrators at my university, the pandemic. ...more

This and other discussions about how to deal with the possibility of a swine flu pandemic ...more

Who's responsible for women's safety on college campuses?

Carleton University in Ottawa and a student victim known only as Jane Doe have settled a lawsuit brought by Doe following her sexual assault in a campus chemistry lab in 2007. Doe was suing the university for $535,000 to cover the physical and emotional injuries she suffered. The case was controversial--and remains so--because, according to the CU: We're Asking for It blog, ...more

I think that a university should have better protective measures to ensure the safety of ...more

Education and Technology – The Cost of Questions

Technology can solve problems. Technology can also create problems or reveal existing situations that have nothing to do with the tool used to reveal structural faults. The way we perceived our lives and what we believe to be important is changing; Can you feel the tremors of change? ...more

Thank you for mentioning my blog.  I'm thrilled that you have exposed such an important ...more

How To Save Money On College Textbooks

I was the quintessential poor college student. When I hopped on a train to head off to school I had less than $1000 in my bank account, which just happens to be the average amount a college student spends on textbooks alone in one year. My luggage consisted of huge canvas bags that I bought at an army surplus store for under $100 dollars. I was excited. I was nervous. I was waiting for my student loans to come through. And well, I wasn't completely clueless about money but I still had a lot to learn. One of the first financial decisions you will make on campus is about college textbooks. Do you buy them used? New? Get them from the library? Which is the best way??? ...more

I took some science classes and there was no way I could have done it with a library book ...more

Ethical Castaways – A Blog Noir Tale of Content, Respect and Responsibility

It was a dark and stormy night at the Castaway Bar and Grill. Mookie the bartender was polishing the beer into the counter top as he bounced to a remix of Baby Got Back and Feelings. You could hear the barflies drink gulps of regret as they caught threads of Twitter static. It gave me the creeps; watching them hope for redemption in the tweets of possibilities. And then she walked through the door. ...more

i had so much fun reading this. love and admire creative talent. and it was educational to boot. ...more

pimp my trailer 2009

Last week marked the beginning of the 09-10 school year for we pre-planning teachers.  And while I am excited to get to the big work this week with the students' return, I can't help but be a little giddy about classroom decor.  Yesterday, I posted my 2009 edition of "Pimp My Trailer."  You can view it HERE.   If you're a teacher and recently redecorated your room, I would love to see it!  Link it!   ...more

Stanford Teacher Ed Program v. Blogger: A Draw?

Imagine this scenario: You're taking some college courses, and you're not happy with your program. Do you blog about it? If so, how far do you take your criticism? Do you do so under your own name? Do you name the program, your instructors, your fellow students? Where do you draw the line? If you work with kids as part of your program, do you blog about them? ...more

How to balance love and work: the case for 9 to 5

Apparently, a relationship between an academic and a non-academic is doomed from the start. ...more