"Cheap Grace"

April 9, "Cheap Grace"  Daniel 3:14-20, 91-95, Dietrich BonhoefferCheap gace is the "grace we confer on ourselves," and in our society we confer the black and white grace of secularism and living easy--a life that really has no consequences on our lives or the live of others.  We see that in the impoverishment and homelessness of millions, for we turn our faces away, in the human trafficking in our Cities--San Francisco is a hub--we ignore it.  ...more

"Of Sin, Serpents, and Salvation"

April 8, Of Sin, Serpents, and Salvation Blessed Ursulina of Parma Jn. 8:21-30...more

Stop Being Petty and Count Your Blessings

Petty behavior can block blessings.If it hasn’t happened to you, I’m sure you know of someone this has happened to. Here’s a scenario. Your best friend has a major life event happening. You would love to attend the event, however, financial constraints won’t allow that to happen....more

Backup a Website Manually - Take charge at Blue Host

We work so hard on our website. We need to protect it! There are different ways to backup a website. Today we will go to the source, Blue Host, and manually backup our website. I will help you step by step. http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/backup-a-website/...more

"The Way It Looks"

April 7, The Way Things Look St. Baptist de la Salle Daniel 13:41-62; Jn. 8:1-1llThings are not always the way they look are they? A young girl accused, a verdict is reached, a young man enters and upturns the verdict; Another woman captured in the act of adultery appears guilty, Jesus seems distracted, and her accusers walk away.  I was a prostitute, now I am a priest, and I give out needles, and it appears I encourage drug use, and that I hang out with the wrong crowd. ...more

Wedding Extravaganza Event – 5 Winners! One is Trip to Jamaica!

Welcome to the Spring 2014 Wedding Extravaganza!...more

Abandaon Human Confidence

April 6, "Abandon Human Confidence" Ez. 37:1-14, John 11:1-45The fears of how technology is raising the rent, and making this a new Eden for the wealthy is ever present, there is much despair and fear. Organized religion is dying, amidst futility, much hope in tecnology and in our political leaders in the City.  Ezekiel abandons human confidence to admit one hope: "O Lord God, you know" (37:3)....more

Being A Prophet

April 5, "Being A Prophet", Jeremiah 11:18-20, Jn. 7:40-53In seminary we had a course entitled, "Prophet, Priest, and King,", the three roles we play in ministry.  In the last year of seminary I stood up against a group providing a place for young people to party--young people like 12year olds--and there were severe repercusssions--like our church being vandalized, and a District Superintendent friend commented to me--"I have known since you started ministry you would play the prophetic role--with all of its consequences." ...more

"Walking With God"

April 4 Walking With God "Wisdom 2:1-22, Jn. 7:1-30  C.E. AndrewsTo regret one's own expereinces is to arrest one's own development. To deny one's own experiences is to put a lie into the lips of one's life. It is no less than denial of the soul. Oscar WildeLate last night in two separate instances I was sitting with  a young man and later a young woman, and both shared their drug use and their depression. Basically they are running away from their past using drugs. ...more

Bloggers Opp – Simple Pleasures Mother’s Day Sign Up- US & Canada

Bloggers Opp – Simple Pleasures Mother’s Day Sign Up- US & Canada    ...more