OZ Naturals are backed by science while utilizing the power of nature.  They're setting a new standard for the skin care and anti-aging industry.Read the full story hereTammyBeUtyTradeReVue...more


At Camille Beckman, they envision a world where you can sonsume less and enjoy life more.  Started to provide jobs and social momentum for women; the key to their success is in their founder, Susan Camille's DNA:  a more connected, compassionate world means than currency.  They focus on creating high quality products that encourage creativity, good manufacturing/employing practices and local community interaction paired with anb affordable price for you, the end user....more


Even though I am not one to partake in them often, I know that some women enjoy a bath a couple of times a week.  Baths can be very relaxing, especially if they are just the right temperature to remain calming while you are in it.  Although bathing alone can be a relaxing experience, if you add the right oils, that relaxation level goes through the roof.  They revitalize and moisturize the skin....more

MOM IS THE RULE: 5 Most Famous and Compelling Momisms

Most of the time mom’s just stays at home cooking meals, doing laundries, cleaning everyone’s mess and keeping all the things in clean and in order inside and outside the house, day till night. It’s always a 100% released energy everyday just to keep a family safe and sound. ...more

RSAT Group Outside For 3 Hours In Freezing Temps.

RSAT Group Outside For 3 Hours In Freezing Temps.They had to stand outside in freezing temperatures for the store.RSAT is the jail re-hab, but this is crazy! ...more

What I Fear Most as a Special Needs Mom

The day we found out about your special needs, your diagnosis of cerebral palsy, I never worried for myself. I already knew I loved you with all my heart. I already knew I would do whatever it took to take care of you. I already knew I would be willing to sacrifice anything for your well-being and happiness. I knew I wouldn't trade you for the world, because you are my world. ...more
This is so beautiful. I just came  across your blog today (Coincidentally I even emailed you!) ...more

The Turkey is Dead, the Belly Button is Gone, and Other News from Yosemitebear Mountain Farm

These California days have been bright and sunny with billowy clouds like children draw.  Where is the winter?  More worrisome, where is the rain?...more

Wine Women and Shoes

Hi ladies,...more

Baby Ballets Ballerina

Excited Shriek "No way we going to Ballet Class!" after stumbling upon her hanging Tutu... Baby Z loves her weekly dance session with her friends atbabyballet. Now you can have a sneak preview at what we get up to at class.Babyballet Romford Central...more

Race to Savings with Aliexpress

Radar Detector, Coupon Aliexpress. Doesn't seem like those two would go together, but if you put a Coupon on your Radar, you will detect the savings on all your automotive needs. Become a member and you could get additional savings with a coupon code aliexpress. There is a wide variety of Radar Detectors to choose from on Aliexpress. Race your way through the automotive section, or slow down and really explore the site. You can choose ones that have an LED display or have a voice that tells you that you should slow down. What about a motion detector?...more