"Opposing God's Reign'

March 27, "Opposing God's Reign", St. John of Damascene Lk. 11:14-23...more

Little Things and Little Ways

March 26, "Little Things/Little Ways", Mothers of the Disappeared  Matt. 5:17-19Therese of the Little Way set the example that it is in the "little ways" of love that we live the Gospel.  That is what Jesus is pointing out--the heart of the law is loving one's neighbor and one's self.  Our work is that of the "little way", a pair of socks, a conversation, a cup of soup or sandwhich, and that ultimately in the human connection is what makes changes in people's lives. ...more


March 25, Lk. 1:26-38,  Ida B. Wells, "Intimacy" Annunciation of the Lord...more

Moving Out of Our Social Boundaries

March 24, Oscar Romero, "Moving Out of Our Social Boundaries" Lk. 2:24-30Jesus simply moved out of the social/racaial  boundary of Israel in his talk and they wanted to kill him. Oscar Romero moved out of the social boundary of the ruling class and they killed him....more

Wanting and Waiting

March 23, "Wanting and Waiting"  John 4:5-15, 19b-26, 39a, 40-42There is a desert scene on and surrounding the altar of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in San Francisco.  As one meditates upon it one finds moments of waiting and wanting For the desert forces us to look for help beyond our own iniative, plans, or grasp, and to long for pure, unmerited, no conditions grace. Grace is a gift given, as to the Samaritan woman at the well who looked for meaning in multiple marriages....more

Online Spell Checker and why I don’t use Jetpack

Let’s look at a behind the scenes blogging tool that is so important: a Spell Checker. We have to have it. I think most of us would agree.Usually, I write tutorials, but this post is going to talk about my experience with the Online Spell Checker and Jetpack. Oh my!http://simplifytechnologyblog.com/online-spell-checker/...more

The Prodigal

March 22, The Prodigal, Luke 15:1-22"We have vainly tried to work for truth and just, but we are not entirely with Christ so long as we do not take our stand alongside the outcasts." Emmanuel MounierIn Golden Gate Park last night nineteen year old "Rush" was telling talking about how at 4:30 a.m. the park personel come into the park and run them out, and when he sleeps on the street, the same thing happens, but this time they spray water on them "cleaning the streets." ...more

"The Little Things"

March 21 "The Little Things" St. Catherine of Vadstena Matthew 21:33-43, 45-46Last night as I was headed out to the meal, and to celebrate a memorial service for Bear, "Vamp Child" called--and I was stunned, for five years ago I had had a memorial service for him.He was laughing because he said he left town and told people to say he was dead and then he wanted to see if "you cared enough to have a memorial service for me," and of course I had one. He told me how much that meant to know I would do that....more

We Are All Lazarus

March 20, Lk. 16:19-31  "We Are All Lazarus"  St. CuthbertI preached in a wealthy church one time this passage, and a woman afterward said to me, "I am a Lazarus, as well, but spiriutally, and you did not mention me."  She is right when we do not pay attention to each other, give each other time and attention--we become the rich man, and we are Lazarus.  For we impoverish ourselves when we fail to take time for another.  ...more


Lk. 2:41-51  March 19, Feast of St. Joseph, "Evolving"In the 16th century the Church to honor St. Joseph, but more importantly to strengthen the family formalized the "cult" of St. Joseph. St. Joseph was obedient, even in the face of fear.  As we evolve I look forward to the day when the Church will establish a feast for "Harvey Milk" or some other gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender person to acknowledge God's presence in the Queer community....more