Decidedly Snack Time with Del Monte

Summer days are my favorite. They are simple and carefree and everything that embodies childhood. But, you know what else they are? HOT! We live in the Deep South and during the summer the heat and humidity can be downright miserable. We have to take plenty of breaks from playing outside or swimming to refuel with a glass of water and a snack. I'm all about independence with my four-year-old, and she loves gaining independence. ...more

Del Monte Back to School Custom Content CheekyKitchen

I have my moments. Somewhere in the middle of rushing too quickly, mad mommy guilt, and the occasional swear slip, I figure it out. I remember to get rad, relax, and pack lunches that'd make any kid proud. I run through sprinklers. I dance to music that actually plays on the radio. I make a joke that the kids actually find hilarious....more

do you sqeeze or spoon? surviving kid food years

With my first kid, I was hell bent on making baby food and we did a lot more reheating and spooning then,but with two? Who has time for that?!...more


Those two questions were driving me crazy at the beginning of summer, but I've gotten smarter and have discovered and embraced Del Monte's Fruit Burst Squeezers. They're just like those little pouches for babies except for big kids! And my big kids love to squeeze and suck their little fruity snack out just as much as baby does. ...more

Superheroes Eat Veggies

I decided my picky eater needed a t-shirt to help him remind him that as a superhero he needed to eat his veggies. The Superheroes Eat Veggies T-shirt was born. He hasn't wanted to take off his this shirt since he put it on. Keep reading for details on how I made this shirt....more

15 On-The-Go Snack Ideas

I don't remember past summers being so busy! It seems as though we are always on the go these days, which means we are often out of the house during snack and lunch time, which also means I have to plan ahead if I want to feed the kiddos something nutritious. ...more

Ten (Quick and Easy) Toddler Lunch Ideas

I've been on the lookout for things that are going to make both of our lives easier come fall. A couple of weeks ago, I found a really cool lunch divider that is going to let me make the perfect sized lunches for her. So, I've been a lunch-planning machine! Here are a few ideas I've had for toddler lunches......more

On The Go Snacking Station from a Strawberry Basket

With school starting up in another month for us and even sooner for some of you, I thought I would share a fun way that we tote snacks along in the car that may be useful to you for this upcoming school year. I thought it up when a moment of Mommy Brilliance hit me after we had visited a strawberry patch this summer. ...more

Back to School with Del Monte + Gift Card Giveaway!

Are you gearing up for school lunch packing season? I know I am! I've already been hitting up Pinterest for ways to make lunch packing a breeze for the upcoming school year. Some lunchbox helpers I like to turn to are Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers and Fruit Cups. Not only do I like to include them in my kids’ lunchbox, but they are also the perfect on-the-go snack. Neither have any high fructose corn syrup nor artificial flavors, and both are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Are you following a gluten-free lifestyle?...more

Del Monte Back To School Contest: Do You Squeeze or Spoon? {Giveaway $100 Visa Giftcard!}

Are you all ready thinking about Back to School? Maybe just a smidge? I believe that always burns in the back of our minds, even during the heat of the summer. My kids go back in just over a month & I'm all about trying new snack ideas on them know what they will crave then. Looking to add more garden to their lunch boxes? I bet you are & I have some fun fruits & veggies that can be packed up easy peasy....more