Christmas Midnight Mass in Charlotte, North Carolina

Inside the St. Thomas Aquinas Church Everyone is invited to attend an early Simbang Gabi (Midnight Mass) to be held at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church here in Charlotte, North Carolina on Dec. 5....more

Astro Reviews

There are a lot of people who call themselves baseball fans who have not watched a single inning of the Houston Astros in recent memory. It is hard to argue with that thought process, especially when you see that they are one of the worst teams in the game right now. With that being said, one guy who is starting to take off as a pretty solid pitcher for the team in general is Dallas Keuchel. He is showing that he is a very dependable guy for the most part, and he should be able to provide value for the Houston Astros for the next few years in fantasy baseball....more

New Year's 2015 Eve WITHOUT The Date ?!#$@?!

Should i go?Will i get A ticket? {Tickets}i Am thinking about wearing a Sweater-Dress, it is freezing by then. NYE Event jewelry, can i wear Boots instead of heels? Sometimes, by Now, when i get back to Near Home, where we Are having some sort of quiet party in the Weekends, my latest squeeze is waiting Around there & catches me still-All-Dressed up coming in Late in the Early AM hours too.          AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL...more

My first ComicCon: A (mostly) Pictorial Essay

#WWTulsaCCSo I got home today from the Tulsa ComicCon. It was sort of a surreal experience; not only did I get to actually leave hearth and home (and children OMG YES) for the best part of 3 days, I went to this huge event ALONE.Yes.ALONE.Which, as you know, is how I typically prefer things, but most of you also know I am not really sociable on my best day and  I tend toward introversion and wall-hugging in large crowds, parties...dates. Whatever....more

Buffalo Chicken Wings with Bleu Cheese Dressing

So so sorry this post is a little late. I've been celebrating my last shift at my crappy job that I was able to finally quit!...more

Honey, Honey, Honey - You're the Death of Me!

There's just something about bees and their honey that can make some dishes pop. I have a vague idea of what type of dish I'll be making that uses honey - but not 100% sure yet!...more

Bacon Hassalback Potatoes

My "I just don't know meal" is now a different take on a baked potato! Bacon lovers rejoice - these spuds are loaded and baked so the bacon fat cooks into each sliver of the potato. (Yum!)...more

To Know or Not To Know? That Is The Question

Sometimes the most frightening thing of all for an individual, is to not know. That's certainly the case thus far in And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie....more

Self-Discovery in the Global Village

Pari Esfandiari, Editor In my recent trip to Los Angeles, I attended Dr. Fariba Rofougaran’s book signing. The evening rapidly turned to a fun personality typology test that captured the crowd’s imagination. I had an opportunity to have a one to one opportunity to have a one to one conversation with Fariba.  What is a personality typology?...more

Fish and Chips

I've finally made fish and chips, and while I can't say they're completely British but at least I can say I've made my own version of Fish and Chips. (In other words I forgot to bread the fish before I made it…)...more