Design Your Very Own Signature Kitchen

Let’s be honest, the kitchen is the best part of every home, the heart and soul of your daily life if you will. And, if you’re anything like me, this is probably the place where you spend most of your “at home” time. Now, I’m not insinuating I’m always planning my next meal (which may or may not be true), but in my home, the kitchen is where everyone gathers after a long day of work, or early in the mornings for that fresh cup of coffee....more

Designing My Dream Kitchen

What is your favorite room in your house? Mine is for sure my kitchen. My kitchen is like the heart of my house. It is where I spend most of my time, cooking meals for my family, baking with my kids, working on homework with the kiddos, and working on my blog.  ...more

Dream Kitchen Inspiration

Our kitchen has lots of storage, but we need new appliances and updated cabinets. I don't want to tear everything out (I don't want to buy new granite countertops). I just want to freshen it up....more

Designing the Ideal Kitchen

Two years ago, I was right in the middle of my own kitchen renovation, so today I’m sharing some tips and ideas on how I think about designing a kitchen and what’s important to consider when you are undertaking a complete kitchen transformation....more

My Kitchen Needs Nate

We had some water damage to our walls from a leaking water heater which lead to ripping out the floors, which lead to shopping for all new flooring. While that is getting put in (our house is all torn up at the moment) I keep looking at the kitchen every time we pass by thinking "you're next". ...more

"Designing Your Signature Kitchen" w/ LG Studio & Nate Berkus

The cool thing about this new venture is that Nate and LG Studio have teamed up in a really fun way to help homeowners create their signature kitchen. As we all know, the kitchen is really the heart of the home and where we spend most of our time, but for most of us it’s one of the most difficult rooms to design. ...more

Bright and airy kitchen updates

When we first moved into our house I was most excited about our kitchen. It's a lot bigger than our previous one, has oodles of natural light, a lovely window over the sink, and a walk-in pantry. Those were pretty much the only things I wanted to keep. ...more

KF7 Series Robot Vacuum – Giveaway!

KF7 Series Robot Vacuum – Giveaway! ...more

The death of a healthy habit and how to prevent it

We’ve all been there… a really solid string of days where we’ve been working out and enjoying bountiful meals of whole foods, shunning sugar and basically feeling a little smug because we’re so awesome. Then someone has a birthday or a happy hour or a wedding or a…well you get the picture. We over indulge one night, skip just one workout. And then it’s months later and we’re starting our goal all over again....more

Creating a Healthy & Relaxing Evening Routine - vitafusion Review & Giveaway

Before I started my full-time fitness, yoga and writing career, I spent six years working a traditional 9-5 in marketing and advertising. When I had a desk job, my routine was pretty set Monday-Friday. Get up, workout, work, lunch break, work, evening activities, dinner, relax, repeat. My schedule rarely varied and things kind of ran like clockwork. I always knew exactly where I could fit in taking favorite classes, hanging out with friends, cooking, etc. ...more