are women felons trash or treasure

Trash or Treasure SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2014 To hide or not to hide... ...more

Lions and Tigerlights and Bears - Oh My! (My unfortunate introduction to Camping)

This post was originally published on the popular humor blog, "Tracy on the Rocks."

Nothing Says Near the Ocean Like Fish and Chips!

I can't believe that after living here in Maine right near the ocean myself, that I've never actually had Fish and Chips....more

What Have I Always Wanted To Do? Have Afternoon Tea with Scones!

I'm a huge tea drinker, and here in Maine we have an amazing tea shop owned by my friend Sarah called Homegrown Herb and Tea....more

Big Move

I spent about  a year blogging and decided to finally go with my own site. I hope you like it Ty for all who have read ...more

Thankfulness Project 2014 – November 1, 2014 (LINK-UP)

In the grave... who will give You thanks?This may seem a strange, depressing way to start a month long focus on Thankfulness. But it is somewhat timely.Last night, in the U.S., was Halloween. Today is All Saint's Day....more

Toad in the Hole

Every time I read the name of this I laugh. It's such a weird name, and frankly doesn't sound very appetizing - but woah!...more

Death by Whiskey? Well I'll Partake Anyway!

There's nothing like a book with a lot of drinking involved. I never truly understand the undertakings of British writing and how they always seemingly include liquor in their writings....more

Perhaps A Wee Bit British Now

I have no idea what it is about 'fanciful' dialect, however I must say that I do love myself a book with that same type of ...more

MLB Review

One of the most difficult things to do in baseball is find a reliable 2nd baseman in free agency. Many teams do not dare let a talented 2nd basemen go away since the talent pool is rather shallow. However, there will be a few available after the 2014 season for people to consider....more