Making memories, then and now {a post sponsored by Chevy}

One of my favorite ways to start off an activity with my boys is, "I loved doing this when I was little..." and seeing their eyes light up and this special look of wonder come across their faces. I don't know if it's the activity, the thought of me as a child or the idea that we are about to replicate something from FOREVER ago that appeals to them but whatever it is, it makes whatever we are doing much more fun. Make that an activity that their dad did as a child and well, the stars in their eyes are easy to see....more

Family Togetherness Then and Now

My family spent a lot of time together when I was young. The summers were the times when I have the best memories. Besides the traditional American holidays, I think summertime is one of the best opportunities to make memories as a family....more

Check Out My Favorite School Lunch Ideas and Enter to Win a $100 VISA Gift Card!

During the school year, I view lunchtime as my best chance to get my kids to eat healthy foods. After all, they're hungry and they're a captive audience to whatever I've put in their lunchbox-- So while I try to make their school lunches fun and delicious, I definitely place a huge emphasis on including foods that are balanced and good for them. ...more

Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Oh my, it's almost Back to School time... that means early mornings and packing up lunches and snacks for the kids. I won't lie, the first week is usually fine, it's the second week that seems to get them all. The thrill of seeing their friends and all the "new" excitement has worn off. ...more

Do you Squeeze or Spoon? {Plus a $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!}

My kids are constantly asking for snacks all day and I am trying to give them healthy ones. We recently got a new kitchen island and on the island I have storage baskets. One of those storage baskets is where I keep healthy snack options for my kids....more

Healthy Summertime Snacking With Del Monte + $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

My three boys and I are involved in loads of fun activities in this summer, and we are having a BLAST! From swim team, play dates with friends, church activities, visiting museums and splash parks - we try to make each day count. It's easy to just let the scorching HOT Arizona sun scare us away from leaving the house, but we really like to be active and experience new things.  ...more

Decidedly Snack Time with Del Monte

Summer days are my favorite. They are simple and carefree and everything that embodies childhood. But, you know what else they are? HOT! We live in the Deep South and during the summer the heat and humidity can be downright miserable. We have to take plenty of breaks from playing outside or swimming to refuel with a glass of water and a snack. I'm all about independence with my four-year-old, and she loves gaining independence. ...more

Del Monte Back to School Custom Content CheekyKitchen

I have my moments. Somewhere in the middle of rushing too quickly, mad mommy guilt, and the occasional swear slip, I figure it out. I remember to get rad, relax, and pack lunches that'd make any kid proud. I run through sprinklers. I dance to music that actually plays on the radio. I make a joke that the kids actually find hilarious....more

do you sqeeze or spoon? surviving kid food years

With my first kid, I was hell bent on making baby food and we did a lot more reheating and spooning then,but with two? Who has time for that?!...more


Those two questions were driving me crazy at the beginning of summer, but I've gotten smarter and have discovered and embraced Del Monte's Fruit Burst Squeezers. They're just like those little pouches for babies except for big kids! And my big kids love to squeeze and suck their little fruity snack out just as much as baby does. ...more