A Wonderful Time: Motherless daughter comes full circle with her own child

I don’t want to miss this. My kids are young, and I’m the most important person in their world (other than Dad of course). Some day they will have their own lives and wives and babies and won’t need me anymore. I imagine one day I’ll be a sixty-year old woman looking back and maybe I won’t remember what it was like to be annoyed. It was a wonderful time, I’ll probably say....more

Moving Towards the Light

Jn. 3:16-21 Acts 5:17-26The journey is about moving to the light--through loving God, others, ourselves. In my life I have done many things--I have hurt people, without even knowing us, and who will never forgive me--i have been so fucking ambitious--but God has opened the door to the prisen--I can forgive because I am forgiven--and as a result I must share that love. Deo Gratias! Thanks, be to God! ...more

Expanding Business Services

Expanding BusinessApril 7, 2013I cannot believe how CRAZY things have gotten the past ten days! I have only just begun this process of web design and eMarketing and I am getting very, very busy! Don’t get me wrong…I am not complaining at all, I am just SHOCKED! ...more

The Dark Light of Faith

Luke 1:26-38 The Annunciation.  After the angel appeared to Mary he went away and she would have to walk her path, and live out her yes, in the dark light of faith. That is the way for all of us--at least for me--I have followed my call through the farmlands of Missouri and Iowa to the streets of San Francisco in the dark light of faith--no bells, no guarantees--and that is the way I continue to walk. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!" ...more


today I saw 32 year old, k as he came into a mexican restaurant and stole from the salad bar, and i thought of him as a fifteen year old, i knew, when he began using speed--speed has destroyed him, he is in and out of jail, and on the streets. for me ministry is being the eucharist, and giving myself to the "k"s.  John the Baptist De La Salle described the eucharist as:...more


Mk. 16:9-15 Jesus reproached them for their "unbelief and stubborness," we are so tied up in trying to explain and find answers rather then seeing that love is in front of us.  I spent time with a 20 year old last night who was struggling with college, and being gay--and in those moments of simply being there he took on a new way of looking at life--we are called to love Jesus and in doing so our petty little problems will fall behind:...more

My Guide for Dealing With Adult Queen Bees-A Radical Approach

I had a TOUGH job early on.  I had to be a lady in a TOUGH neighborhood.  Talk about impossible!I’ll never forget the first time a girl stepped up to me.  Let’s call this girl “Shelly,” for the sake of anonymity. And Shelly was no joke!  Shelly had strong legs and arms and would fight with the boys in the schoolyard every single day.  Everyone was afraid of Shelly, especially me!...more

Five Groovy New Pinterest Features

Pinterest is still in the process of rolling out the new look to all users, and although I haven’t been using Pinterest much in these past few weeks, I have switched over and given it a good look around. Here are my five favorite new Pinterest features....more
@Elaine Griffin Oh, wow! Too cool. OK. PHEW! What a crisis. Happily averted.  :)more


Yesterday was my birthday and I am reminded of a quote from Thomas Merton that describes perfectly where I am:...more

The Bread of Life

Jn. 12:1-11...more