Back to "Deutsch" Roots Tomorrow

As the very last meal why wouldn't you want to go back to the roots? American food would never be here without all of the unique influences we have from our own personal heritages....more

Childhood Memories of Hallowe'en and Other Things

Halloween - well that was our favorite holiday.  We always went out together.  Every year.  From the time we were little kids going out with our parents - until the time when I was old enough to take us all out alone.  We'd spend months deciding what we were going to be.  As time passed, Marcus' costume had to be altered to fit over his bulky wheelchair.  He always wanted to be something "normal".  He didn't want to incorporate the chair.  He wanted to be himself - just like all the other kids.  One year a vampire.  Another a super hero....more

Help! My Son Hates His Car Seat!

Reader Question: My son is 10 weeks old and HATES the car seat. It's the only place where I obviously can't pick him up to soothe him when he's crying. He'll seriously go from being a happy and content baby to crying even before we've strapped him in. Is there a way I can make the car seat a happy place for him?...more

An Afternoon with Bagel Bites

Let me tell you a little about Wednesdays and Thursdays in our family right now. They're awful. They're rushed. I don't really like being rushed, but I also don't like sitting in the house with nothing to do ever, so we do things. Right now our thing is soccer. Practice for BigBrother is on Wednesday evening. Practice for LittleBrother is on Thursday evening. Both at 5:00....more

Bagel Bites & $100 Visa Giveaway!

Are your kids big eaters? I have a couple friends whose children eat so little that when they are at my house, I feel a bit out of my element. You see, I'm the Mom with all the good food. You come to Casa Jones and you know there will be great food, and large quantities of it. ...more

Enter to win a $100 Gift Card from Bagel Bites

When we become parents there is not one day that is simple or peaceful, at least it's not that way in my house. After school it gets loud and pretty chaotic; preparing dinner, helping with homework, cleaning, listening to the kids practice music, etc. One thing I can say with certainty is that my kids can prepare a quality snack like Bagel Bites by themselves, and give me a 10 minute coffee break to recharge my batteries. ...more

Snacking with Bagel Bites + $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

I would love to be a fly on a wall at Adam's school. He is there for hours every day, and it is like pulling teeth to get any details about what he does at school. Every day I ask, "What did you do at school today?" And every day the first answer is "I don't know." Sound familiar? ...more

After-School Fuel-Up with Bagel Bites

Now that school is back in session, the craziest part of my day comes between 4:15pm and 6:00pm. That's when the kids get off the bus, tired and weary from a long day at school and a 45-minute bus ride home, and want to collapse. Of course, this means they want to drop their backpacks at the door, lie on the couch, and watch TV. But of course there's no time for that....more