Many African maternal deaths are preventable, Bush provides malaria relief

A recent study revealed that a surprisingly large number of deaths among pregnant women in developing nations are from infectious diseases such as malaria, as opposed to from pregnancy-related illnesses. The findings suggest that many of these deaths are preventable. ...more

We really take for granted how far our heath care has come- it is so sad in this day and age so ...more

Helping African girls stay in school - one pad at a time?

In 2007 FemCare, the Procter & Gamble (P&G) unit that makes Always pads and Tampax tampons, started a program called "Protecting Futures" to donate Always disposable sanitary pads to girls in southern Africa in hopes of keeping African girls in school. In Africa, where adequate menstrual supplies are generally nonexistent, it is not uncommon for girls to use newspapers, rags or camel skin to try contain their period. ...more

I largely agree with you.

The fact is, P&G is getting spreading the word about this problem. ...more

Live Blogging from Africa

I’m live-blogging this week from Uganda, in Central Africa. That is the last sentence I ever expected to write when I started my silly little mom blog two and a half years ago. I’m here as part of a team of 15 U.S. bloggers on a trip with Compassion International, a widely regarded child advocacy organization. ...more

I am African and living in the Dc metro area. I have seen more than one time Africa portrayed ...more

There are no conflict free diamonds

Hard to believe that less than 70 years ago, people rarely gave diamond engagement rings. Now it is the gold standard by which a man's love and the stability of the relationship is based on. De Beers really did a number on us, because we don't question this idea that a diamond is a symbol of love. We don't question that an engagement ring has to be a diamond, and needs to be as big as the guy can possibly afford. And we don't question that the best stone to buy is a diamond because after all, they're a girl's best friend. ...more

Foko Madagascar: It Takes A Village To Raise An Idea

Foko Blog Club, Foko Madagascar Flickr Photo Joan Razafmaharo is an amazing blogger, social change activist, and woman working in Madagascar and other parts of the world.   Her background is in the field of architecture and urban planning.  She has put her knowledge to work for sustainable development on the ground in Madagascar when interning for the local municipality and focusing on improving the living conditions of the country's poorest neighborhoods.  Currently, she is a project manager (design and architecture) for Foko. ...more

Kenya: What Can One Person Do?

According to a recent AP report, 300,000 people in Kenya were forced to leave their homes, and over 800 people were killed during this past month's post-election violence. ...more

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I'm glad the post was helpful ( :

Hopefully it was useful for a few other ...more

::The only Real Reasons Men cheat::

Reasons Men Cheat For whatever reason, my female friends always come to me for relationship advice. The latest have been a string of girls, all sitting in my apartment, crying and smearing mascara all over my favorite suede pillow because their boyfriend cheated on them. Then they ask me the same question. "Why? Why would he do that?!" And to be brutally honest, I'm sick of answering the same question over and over again. So here, I made a handy little cheat sheet for you. Reasons men cheat: ...more

The Crisis in Kenya -- Searching for Understanding and Hope

Since Dec. 27, when Kenya's president Mwai Kibaki was pronounced the winner of a widely-disputed election, violent clashes have killed as many as 360 and displaced at 250,000 more, according to reported United Nations estimates. While the crisis has not claimed the kind of Western press attention given to the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Kenya's stability is important not only for African development, but for international security. ...more

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I also have friends who live in Kenya, and I am prayerfully ...more

Iyaeto's Hut

Thoughts of an African-British mother of two about life, entertainment, family ...more


Letting Them Know it's Christmas in Liberia

This is a story about an extraordinary young woman -- really, three extraordinary young women -- who will make you believe in angels all over again. At its center is MacDella Cooper, who literally walked out of the Liberian civil war at the age of 13 to triumph in the fashion world and create an eponymous foundation that brings the treasures of home and love to so many of the children she left behind. At her side are Tammy Tibbetts and Genevieve Faust, who are transforming a one-time class project into an enduring spotlight on Cooper's work and the critical needs of Liberia's children. This Christmas, the trio will be in Liberia, and by way of their blogs and websites, they've invited you to come along. ...more

Inspiring is definitely the word for them, isn't it? I really hope that their work attracts the ...more