Worth Its Salt: A Mother's Lesson

Rose from the Michigan food blog 64 Sq Ft Kitchen is loathe to admit that when it comes to eggplant, Mom Knows Best. A native of North Africa, Rose relates: "When I was still living under my parents' roof, following my mother’s cooking rules, I had always to sweat eggplants before cooking them. ... Then, I moved away, get married and became rebellious ... I have my own kitchen, my own knives and pans ... I can do what I want; eat what I want, when I want." ...more

The Clinton Global Initiative - Maternal Health and A Final Round-Up

At the Clinton Global Initiative, I got into a conversation with a reporter (from a big U.S. media outlet) about the statistics on maternal health, a recurring topic of the three day event – that more than 500,000 women die from pregnancy or childbirth complications every year -- and he said, "Isn't that a form of population control that the world needs?" ...more

I think that comment absolutely highlights the cultural misogyny that persists despite feminism. ...more

Live-blogging the Clinton Global Initiative with Former President Clinton, Angelina and Brad

Here's some of what's happening today at the Clinton Global Initiative ... 10:03 - They've just announced the names of all the heads of state who are here today (52 of them), representing 72 countries. Former President Clinton just came on stage. "More than 600 commitments have been made. 20 mllion tons of greenhouse gases avoided, 3 million more micor-entrepreneurs have accessed capital." ...more

A couple of other points. I LOVE www.womenforwomen.org -- it's AMAZING, and everyone should go ...more

Blog Day 2007: A Fruit Salad of Food Blogs

Food blogs are everywhere, literally! I continue to be surprised how many there are, how good they are, how passionate they are -- and how much they reflect the 'fruit salad of our era', a mix-it-up world with people leaving their home countries for opportunity, love and work (both, yes, opportunities?) to live elsewhere, for awhile or for all time. So to mark Blog Day 2007, let me introduce you to some amazing 'fruit salad'. ...more

Law round-up: Help for Katrina Survivors, Jena Six Update,Combatting Censorship, Fighting Slavery in Africa

Nordette's excelent profile of Katina Parker and the New Orleans Labor of Love project highlights the one good thing to come out of the Gulf Coast disaster -- the compassion and spirit of thousands of everyday people who have volunteered their time and treasure to help those in need. But many insist that greater government involvement is needed before the region and its people can experience a real recovery. ...more

Thanks again, Nordette. Once again, your attention and insights are invaluable. You are right -- ...more

Wandering through expatriate blogs on art, literature, and politics

This week I wandered through the blogosphere with a post from Rulemanes para Telémaco as a starting point. Iria Puyosa explains here her thought process about internet memes. She listed eight quotes important to her, but refuses to play the "5 Blogs that make me think" or Thinking Blogger Award meme, which she was tagged with or awarded by another Venezuelan blogger, Kira, or K-Minos. ...more

Thank you for mentioning us... We are such a close community of Venezuelan and Colombian blogs ...more

On The BlogHers Act Tip - Duke Medicine In Uganda

I could not help but think of the BlogHers Act when I found the following blog this morning. Duke University currently has a 28-Member team in Uganda. They have brought surplus medical supplies and equipment to a new hospital in Kampala, Uganda. Their staff will be trained, and both groups of doctors will be trained on the new equipment, and both groups of doctors will be participating in spinal and brain surgeries. This is their blog. ...more

Illuminee's Story

A few days ago I received the best news ever. Illuminee's book got published and I no longer need to queue up in the 'other.' Let me start from the beginning. Illuminee came to me for help through my role at Norwich Mind. She's a survivor of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and is now a refugee in the UK. She's a woman of strength and determination - motivated by one force, her love for her son, Roger. When I learned about what nightmares she had to endure in Rwanda, my heart bled for her. How does a human being overcome such tragedies without going completely mad and losing their spirit? ...more

Zimbabweans Rush for Food

Imagine, thanks to Field to Feast, making bread not for pleasure, but because you must, to eat, but then only if you can find flour. "These days, a visit to a supermarket is a visit to a bizarre reality. There are three stores within an easy walk of my office. Two have simply removed whole shelves which used to contain bread, peanut butter and other staples. Almost every freezer case is empty. There is no meat or chicken for sale – and this in a country that doesn’t consider a meal a meal unless a hunk of meat or chicken is involved." ~ Field to Feast, read Supermarket Adventures, Zimbabwe Style BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg wishes she could send the wheat in her basement, never touched, to Carolyn but decides, instead, she can answer the BlogHer Act 2007 survey. ...more

Darfur: Activists Inspire Americans to Act Now

Citizens of San Francisco attended an event Tuesday night, called Community Conversation: Not On Our Watch, hosted by actor Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Crash) and human rights activist John Predergrast. ...more