Faith Ringgold: 30 Years of Art-Making and Activism and Video Clip on Women Artists

Click here to listen to a very brief interviewOver the weekend, I attended the Technology in the Arts Conference in Pittsburgh where artist and activist Faith Ringgold was one of the keynote speakers.  Her talk was called "More than 30 Years in ArtMaking."   I had a chance to do a quick video interview with her about her thoughts on women artists. ...more

Shoots and Roots International Day of Peace

Saturday, September 30th is the UN International Peace Day.  Through her Roots and Shoots organization, Joan Goodall is encouraging people around the world to participate in their ways.Her newsletter has suggestions, including how to make small or giant peace dove puppet. ...more

All Women All The Time

Trina Jackson blogs about International Day of Peace, which was celebrated on September 21st. Did that one pass you by? Me too. Thanks to BlackFeminista for an eloquent post on the day. ...more

African Voices, African Food

In the food blogging world, new voices call from countries, I'm sure, on every continent. None of us can enjoy them all, given the universal human constraints of both time and language. A long-time favorite is the irrepressible, Cook Sister! the self-appointed ambassador of South African blogs who writes from her current home in the United Kingdom. But I'm also pleased to have discovered two lovely new blogs from Africa. I hope you'll stop by their tables to extend a warm welcome! ...more

Are you aware of my BETUMI: The African Culinary Network (, and the accompanying ...more

Spinning in Africa

Therese of Jump Sheep blog,  has created an important charitable activity: Charkhas to Africa. She explains that the traditional Ethiopian garb is a long, loose garment simialr to cheesecloth, woven with hand-spun cotton: [The spindle] is nothing more than a barbecue stick, a whorl made of heavy cardboard and a staple wire bent for parking the just-spun thread. And when she needs to park the spindle to fluff her fiber, she does so on her ear. A charming process. That is, until you think about the realities of life in Africa: Needing to spin to survive. ...more

When Tampons Are a Human Rights Issue

Zimbabwe is a country that is spiralling deeper and deeper into crisis, where even basic needs aren't being met. Earlier this year in May, the London Sunday Times published an article, about the launch of a fundraising campaign called "Dignity. Period!", with the aim of fundraising to buy sanitary products for Zimbabwe’s women. ...more

Hi Rachealyra

I had to post again and say that when I discovered an alternative to tampons I ...more

Blogsurfing Sudan

After a wave of publicity last month when George Clooney used his celebrity currency to shine the spotlight on Sudan, its been rather disappointing (although rather predictable) to see that nothing has changed, and interest in Sudan has once again faded in the mainstream press. ...more

It's good to be green: For- and non-profits look to recycling

Random House commits to recycled paper. Phillip Morris wants a seat at the table. It looks like corporate America is rediscovering the beauty of being green. ...more

this is good to read. (though, yes, a little alarming at the slow rate of change) in my ...more

Blogging the daily life from Nata Village, Botswana

A friend pointed me to the Nata village blog, a collaborative unfolding story of HIV/AIDS work in Nata, Botswana. Two of the bloggers are women, Peace Corps volunteer Melody Jenkins and Martha Ramaditse from Nata village. ...more

Will do! Good idea.

Thanks, Jules

Nancy White

Politics, Rape & HIV in South Africa

Contributing Editor Jules also blogs at Dragon Girl. Since there is no Contributing Editor for Africa (any volunteers?), I thought that I would pick up this story, since it seems too important to not mention it. The verdict in the Jacob Zuma (the former deputy president of South Africa) rape trial in Johannesburg has just been handed down, with Zuma acquitted of rape. The case touched on so many hot button issues, but the Big Issue reported in the media has been the fact that the accuser is HIV positive, sex occurred without a condom, and Zuma's beliefs about how HIV is contracted. ...more

A friend who has been doing Aids Education effectiveness research in RSA - it has after all been ...more