Politics, Rape & HIV in South Africa

Contributing Editor Jules also blogs at Dragon Girl. Since there is no Contributing Editor for Africa (any volunteers?), I thought that I would pick up this story, since it seems too important to not mention it. The verdict in the Jacob Zuma (the former deputy president of South Africa) rape trial in Johannesburg has just been handed down, with Zuma acquitted of rape. The case touched on so many hot button issues, but the Big Issue reported in the media has been the fact that the accuser is HIV positive, sex occurred without a condom, and Zuma's beliefs about how HIV is contracted. ...more

A friend who has been doing Aids Education effectiveness research in RSA - it has after all been ...more


Marilyn from California Fever has posted an impassioned plea for our government to take action in Darfur. Remember when Clinton said after Rwanda, "Never again..." It's happening again. If you find this as horrific as I do, please contact members of Congress and our President. Please let them know we must do something. ...more

Women Bloggers in Africa Celebrate International Women's Day

Nancy White posted about the Blog Mentoring in Africa project, run by Ore Somolu and Sokari Ekine that she found from reading Joitske's blog.   I came across Ore's writing via Sokari Ekine's fantastic bridge blogging of the African blogosphere on Global Voices.   (We really need to get these women to blogher conference in July!) ...more

Ex Pats Taste the World

If there's a crowd in the food blog world, it's the one comprised of ex patriates, people living away from their birthplaces for school, for love, for work; for now, for awhile, for life. Just look: we are Japanese-American living in Switzerland ... South African living in England and ... ...more

Actually, I'm a Japanese-American living in Switzerland :)

I think that a main theme of my more

Gisimba Grace Scholarship Helps Send Orphans in Rwanda to College

This striking photo by was taken by blogher Camera_Rwanda who is using her blog and flickr account to help generate awareness and raise money for the Gisimba Grace Scholarship.  The money helps send the orphans of rwanda from the Gisimba Memorial Center in Kigali, Rwanda to college. ...more

News Roundup-Thursday

National Transportation Safety Board officials are in San Diego today after a small plane and helicopter collided over a residential area, killing three people. BlogHer member Wendy McHenry was in the park when the collision occurred. McHenry says she immediately went home to blog about the incident. "The community is very strange today, everyone is so visibly shaken. I heard on the news a few minutes ago the actual explosion was indeed, directly over our heads, right above the dog park." "My husband is still screaming, 'RUN! RUN!' and he's trying to pull me up and when he realizes I'm hurt, he jumps on top of me in a desperate attempt to shield me. I'm screaming, 'What happened? What happened?' And no one will tell me. I looked and saw black smoke. From the parking lot. I hear people saying, 'Diesel' and 'Explode' and 'Cars on fire.'" ...more

Excellent reporting. I can not imagine seeing two planes collide above me. I'd freak.
I loved ...more

It's a Small World, After All

And food bloggers make it seem ever-so-much smaller. Just look at who's cooking! We are British and Swedish and Danish and French and Australian and ... ...more

Very fun. A lot of these food blogs were new to me.

Kalyn Denny

Cairo Postcards

Check out the photos that Dijanne Cevaal has been posting from Egypt!! Dijanne is curating a show at the Australian Embassy in Cairo and spends part of her days visiting the souks in the city. These are not your everyday postcard shots. ...more

Cooking Around the World and Trees for Life

Food bloggers around the world participate in Weekend Herb Blogging, where people post about interesting herbs, plants, veggies, and flowers and send me the links for a Recap on Sunday. What was new for this week? ...more

Hi Kalyn, I hate excuses, but I really have a good one this time: I've been sick :(
I just ...more