Announcing the BlogHer '09 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Winners!

Back in December we announced the BlogHer '09 International Activist BlogHer scholarship program and invited you to submit yourself or your favorite international activist BlogHer for consideration for this scholarship. ...more

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The Radical Act of Knitting: Mothers Warm Hearts World-Wide

Calling all knitters for peace!  Can a cozy inspire positive change?  Can it do more than warm our bodies but also warm our hearts?  Maybe not one cozy but perhaps 4,000 can.  Individuals and groups all over the world in places like; Turkey, the United States, South Africa, Chile, France, and even people in my home town are knitting their way towards a 150' quilt to drape across the fence in front of the White House that promotes peace during CODEPINK's historic Mother's Day event and vigil. ...more

I remember knitters gathering squares for quilts after natural disasters and the "wombs on ...more

US Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Pt. 2

PART TWO OF MY INTERVIEW WITH WENDIE WENDT. YOU CAN ALSO READ THIS TWO PART SERIES AT TIMEFINDERS MAGAZINE - WORLDLY WOMEN COLUMN: Why do you believe it is important for women to be informed about world issues? ...more

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I voted.  ...more

The First Elected Female President?

In the United States, we are still awaiting the day when we can celebrate the election of a woman to the presidency, but for the country of Liberia, the wait is over. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a 67 year-old, Harvard educated economist, is the first female to be elected president in the history of Liberia.  For her, and much of the rest of Liberia's female population, the change to female leadership was long overdue. ...more

Liking Ladies' No. 1

***Crossposted at This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life*** Last night, about halfway through The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency I realized that I had been tense since the program began. It only took me a moment to figure out why. I had been so looking forward to it, so hopeful for it. But I feared that I would be let down. But what I suddenly felt at that moment was...relief. ...more

US Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

As some of you know from a previous post I am a supporter of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. So, it is by no accident that I chose to feature a woman who I felt was important for you to know in my column Worldly Women. Wendie Wendt is based in the United States and works tirelessly to assist the Trust through fundraising. She volunteers, along with a group of other dedicated people, to support the Trust and it's effort to help elephants. ...more

HBO's "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" A Review

When I first heard about HBO's new series "The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency," I had high hopes that despite the dearth of minorities on primetime television, this show, set in Africa and with an all black cast, was going to be something special. After all look at what the production had to work with:  it stars the multi-talented Grammy award winning singer and actress, Jill Scott; the two hour pilot was directed by Oscar winner, the late Anthony Minghella ("The English Patient"); it was co-produced by the late Sydney Pollack ("Out of Africa") and co-written by Richard Curtis ("Four Weddings and A Funeral").  Unfortunately, the culmination of all that talent doesn't deliver as well as I had hoped, but the good does outweigh the bad. ...more

If nothing else you will love the beautiful visuals of Botswana.  And Jill Scott will charm ...more

Peace Corps Volunteer Murdered in Benin

The volunteer, Kate Puzey was a 24-year-old living in Benin, West Africa. Last week on Thursday morning, friends found her dead outside of her house in the village of Badjoude where she was posted as an English teacher. It is believed that she was murdered, although, I haven't found more details than what's in this article at Finding Dulcinea. The official news is that she died sometime the night before she was found. --Gadling ...more

What a tragedy! I can only imagine her parents' grief.  I hope that they get the answers that ...more

International Women's Day 2009

"Hey, I just found out today is International Women's Day," Julie, my friend since the 4th grade, emailed me on Sunday. "Why don't I feel more special today?" Although International Women's Day was founded in the US nearly 100 years ago, many Americans these days are as unaware of the event as my generally wise and politically savvy friend. However, women all over the world celebrated the day in different ways. ...more

Julie Clawson at onehandclapping ...more