Musing from a black woman: Barack Obama = African American


I think the discriminations the Italians and Irish got is probably similar to what we see ...more

Women's Interests and the Military Draft

I'm taking a break from writing The Doves to actually more or less blog, and write about what it means to be a woman-or a man-and a citizen today.  ...more

Making a Difference by Taking AIM - Starting with Africa

Making a Difference by Taking AIM Making a difference is what it’s all about!  You can make a difference! ...more

Canadian journalist kidnapped in Somalia to be killed tomorrow - according to kidnappers

  This photo, found on Flickr, is tagged with the name "Amanda Lindhout" and "Canadian journalist". It was taken in Kandahar, where Lindhout previously worked.   ...more

Bush Administration Punishes "Forced Abortions" in China by Cutting Off Contraceptives in Africa

There is nothing as infuriating as dangerous public policy made on circular logic. The latest example of irrational policies coming out of the Bush administration is the decision to withhold condoms, birth control pills, and other contraceptives paid for by the United States from Marie Stopes International, a British non-governmental organization that operates family planning and reproductive health clinics in impoverished nations. ...more

I know it is just women's "health," but it will still be nice to have the powers that be care ...more

Dinner Party Return On Investment

In Paris, almost everybody (especially if you are married with kids) gets invited to or throws dinner parties in their apartments on Saturday evenings. It’s customary to bring the hostess a gift (in addition to an excellent bottle of Saint Emilion or Champagne). Usually flowers or candles do the trick. ...more

The Devil's Red Shoes

THE DEVIL'S RED SHOES This is a cautionary tale for clever little girls and all the rest of us. ...more

No feast, but famine. How has it all gone so terribly wrong?

  Let's face the ugly truth - famines haven't been "hot" since the BBC's Michael Buerk and Ethiopia in 1984. And it was an inspirational time, at least according to his book. The coverage of that famine led to one of largest outpourings of support and inspired the Band Aid charity record. There was hope, there was money, and the efforts were thought to have saved an estimated six million Ethiopians from dying. ...more

Funny story of the week: DR Congo frees goats from prison

A baby goat just hangin' on the street corner In other breaking news... a dozen goats have been freed from a Congolese jail, after they had been imprisoned for "being sold illegally by the roadside," according to the BBC's story here. There are many a time when, in a vehicle, I would have to wait and wait and wait for the goats to cross the road. ...more

Why you should care about the Angolan election

A sunset in Luanda, the capital of Angola. On Friday, for the first time in 16 years, Angolans went to the polls. ...more