Who is John Dau?

In 1987 civil war broke out again in Sudan; villages were eviscerated, families were torn apart, and a little boy named John Dau ended up walking for three months until he found Ethiopia. Violence found Ethiopia as well and John Dau and a tribe of young children ended up walking again. Thousands of miles, thousands of children, mostly naked and barefoot, wandering across the dessert to Kenya. ...more

Giving Back - The volunteers descend on Ghana

That time of year is upon us again in Ghana – the time where every international flight that arrives, pours out scores of the bright and bushytailed, the hopeful and positive, the naïve and trusting… they are… THE VOLUNTEERS. Most of them come for the summer, some come to build a school and leave, some come for 6 months or even 2 year contracts. I hear that some of them pay thousands of hard earned or raised money to come and volunteer. ...more

Back when I was a volunteer, we did not even consider looking into the issues in our own ...more

Global Voices Citizen Media summit: Ory Okolloh, KenyaPundit

Ory Okolloh blogs at KenyaPundit, and also is a co-founder of political sites Ushahidi and Mzalendo. I heard her speak this morning at Global Voices Citizen Media summit on her blogging experiences. Throughout the Kenyan elections and the political violence there, she updated her blog very actively, sometimes every hour. Her blog became the center of controversy. ...more

Global Voices Citizen Media summit: Noha Atef, Torture in Egypt

Egyptian blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah spoke just now at Global Voices Summit about bloggers who resist government censorship. YouTube and mobile blogging and cameraphones are extremely important. But also, connecting bloggers and photobloggers to the wider struggle for democracy in Egypt. The stakes are very high for the government, and you can't fight in isolation to publish what you like without consequence to your body, to your freedom. ...more

Zimbabwe votes in Robert Mugabe's (aka Dr. Evil's) "election"

"I'm with it. I'm hip. Taka-taka-taka-taka-taka..." I know this blog has been very Zimbabwe/Mugabe heavy this week, but it is a big story here right now and has been on my mind constantly. And I'm trying to lighten it up with photoshop skills. ...more

Finally: Nelson Mandela speaks about Mugabe's "failure"

If people are going to listen to someone, well, I'm thinking Nelson Mandela is a pretty darn good bet. And at his very own 90th birthday party as well. ...more

What Can the World Do About Zimbabwe?

This week, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai should be facing off in a runoff ballot intended to determine who will be that country's president for the next five years. ...more

I was in the midst of writing more

Why do you go there?

Why is it every time I come home to Canada, I dream of coming back? “Why Uganda? Why East Africa? Why Africa?” come the persistent questions from people back home – the judgers, the sympathizers, and the many in-between. “Have you ever been there?” I ask. ...more

All eyes on Mugabe

We are watching Zimbabwe these days. ...more

Travel tips - my favourite websites

Hello gorgeous...Mombasa, the site of one my cheap airplane tickets   ...more

Greetings. I have found recently also that sometimes the best deals are on the airlines ...more