Let's be real: Women are the most effective solution for combating hunger

Women form the backbone of the agricultural sector in many countries and play a key role in getting food onto the table. In honour of International Women's Day, this video pays tribute to the women who are the key to ending world hunger.If you haven't already, send a message of solidarity: wfp.org/women...more

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Address on Internet Freedom

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a major address at the Newseum in Washington DC on January 21. She spoke in favor of uncensored access to the Internet and elaborated on the position the U.S. has taken regarding Internet freedom. ...more

The "Value" of Females

My brother-in-law and his wife are expecting a baby in June. After they had the 20 week ultrasound, he called to tell me it was a girl. I asked him how they felt about that. "Actually, we are excited because we both hoped for a girl," he said. ...more

Many cultures have engaged in female infanticide.  Inevitably it creates destabilized ...more

Would a Fifth UN Women's Conference Make a Difference?

Jean Shinoda Bolen is asking you to sign a petition for a Fifth UN World Conference on Women. Said petition would be delivered to the UN Secretary-General, to the chair of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and to the woman who will be appointed to head the new women's "super-agency" in March 2010. Shinoda Bolen explains: ...more

India's Free Speech Challengers: Online And Off

What happens with a newly-elected Indian minister in the central government starts tweeting? Many hilarious controversies, clashes and headlines. ...more

Li Hing Powder or Plum Powder Goodness!

Early this year, my mother made a trip to the hills of the Ozarks where she takes a Tai Chi class from her teacher, Clifford. He is an amazing man. He is from Taiwan, and he is a very gifted chef as well as an amazing Tai Chi teacher and practitioner. My mother was dying when they met. Literally. She walked into his restaurant with a friend of hers who knew Clifford. He stopped cooking, and he walked up to my mother and told her that she needed to begin taking his class immediately....more

India's Best Shot at Going Green

The general assumption in the climate change circles has been that there can be no substantial outcome at Copenhagen unless the U.S., India and China -- among the world's largest greenhouse gas emitters -- agree to binding norms. Given the current state of the U.S. economy, that will be a tough sell for President Obama and his negotiators, since India and China are unlikely to give in to mandatory targets or trade barriers; they are pushing for developed countries (accused of being prime polluters) to bear the heavier financial burden of keeping Earth from heating over two degrees Celsius, a debt the U.S. has stoutly denied that it owes developing nations. However, both India and China seem to be aware of how crucial it is for them to develop at a fast clip, but sustainably. ...more