Logan's Run & Closing Ceremonies

"God, anthems are windy!", my husband Jay said as we were watching the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I had my nose glued to Geekologie on the laptop, so I wasn't really paying attention and said, "is that Oh Canada again?...more

Men's Hockey Gold!

A day to celebrate in Vancouver, the Men's Canadian Hockey team just won a Gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics! The Women's team did the same thing just days ago and we couldn't be happier for both our teams success. This has been quite the Olympics for all of our athletes winning more Gold medals than any other nation, we have broke a historical record too!...more

Journey of Career Discovery and the Vancouver Olympics

Every time I watch the Olympics I get inspired.  Vancouver was no exception.  Whether it was Shani Davis, Julia Mancuso, Joannie Rochette, Evan Lysacek or Jeret Peterson, each athlete had a story to tell about how they got there.   I think about the commitment, the training, and the sacrifice each has made to get to where they are now.  You have to have one heck of a lot of passion, talent and perseverance to pull off an Olympic medal, let alone just getting to the Olympics.   ...more

Winter Olympics: Canadian Women Own the Podium

You might have seen it on a T-shirt. Or perhaps you've heard a Canadian woman declare it. We now have proof, though -- Canadian women really do kick ass. To date in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Canadian women have won 13.5 of Canada's 17 medals. ...more

And I didn't even *see* that whole apology thing until a couple of hours ago. Yes, own the ...more

Happy Freedom To Read Week

Censorship is a dirty word in my house. There are many things in this world I disagree with, but the same protections that allow people to say or write those things allow me to speak out against them. Something that is sure to push my buttons is any attempt to ban books. Each February during Freedom To Read Week, I am reminded that my freedom to choose what I want to read is something that is frequently threatened and that I must continue to be vocal. ...more

The unpatriotic sports fan

A lot of people lost money last Sunday when the US beat Canada 5 – 3 in the Vancouver Olympics. Not to gloat, but I wasn’t one of them....more

Canada's (Dis)Own The Podium Intiative

Okay, so I should be working on report cards right now, and I have been, honestly I have, but…I’m not right now. So Canada has had this big push to “Own The Podium” during the 2010 Olympics, complete with funding for athletes and bonuses for getting a medal.  I have been watching quite a bit of the Olympics over the past week and some of the athletes have not medalled simply by circumstance....more

The IOC counts the winner as the country that has the most gold medals, not the most ...more

I wish he could stay 12 forever

We were sitting on the plane on our way to Paris and Louis was grinning from ear to ear when he was presented with a kid’s meal when dinner was served. I’m not sure why I even ordered it for him, I guess because I could. Many typical 12 year olds wouldn’t be that excited for the silly toy and applesauce. But Louis was....more

It's called GLOBAL warming

I’m not a scientist. I’m not a talk show host. I’m not a meteorologist. I’m a mom, and I’m an American living in Canada. You know, Canada? The country hosting the Winter Olympics? The ones where they have had to postpone events due to the unusually warm weather? The place where it’s rumored we live in igloos? It’s called Global warming….not just U.S. warming....more